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You're here because you crave stories about the most adorable, shy and imaginative man in Starfleet. You scrounge the net for Barclay stories, and you too have noticed that they always garner much feedback, but there aren't nearly enough of them.

Here's how you do something about it: write one! Better still, write 2. Or 3.

This site is home to the Barclay Fuh-Q-Fest... a project designed to generate stories about Barclay, pairing him with just about any other Trek character you can imagine, from any series.

(Btw, many thanks to Carola - the initiator of the first ever Fuh-Q-Fest - for the excellent idea!)

Please note that this archive will host romantic writings of a (usually) adult nature. There'll be both het and slash stories here, so if either is not your thing, avoid those stories.

If you're not old enough to be reading smut at all, please go away now!


Here's how it works:

To sum up - you can write 1, 2, 3 or 47 stories. It's entirely up to you how many rounds and which ones of them you participate in! You can deliver the stories by the deadlines, or you can have them ready next week. (Aren't I being hopeful?)

The point is that there are 3 waves - two of them have a deadline, the last one is open-ended. You can submit stories for as few or as many of them as you wish!

Pick your pairing from a list of available ones - please feel free to suggest a pairing I haven't listed if you wish to write it! But it must be a pairing that has not yet been chosen by anyone else for the first round!
DEADLINE: September 20, 2001

Write any pairing you like. Choose a new one, or pick one that's already been taken for the first round. There can be several stories with the same pairing here.
DEADLINE: November 20, 2001

This works just like the 2nd. Any pairing (including chosen ones) is up for grabs and there's NO DEADLINE!

However... :)

... if you want to win a Cyrano Award for dedication to Barclay fanfiction writing, you need to do 2 things:
  1. Write at least one story for each round - that's a total of 3 stories.

  2. For at least 1 of these stories, you must write a challenge story OR request (on list or by e-mail) to have a pairing assigned to you.

    To make it more fun for you, I'll give you the option of narrowing the parameters, because I'm sure I'm not the only who doesn't watch every Trek series. I also don't believe that writing about a character you can't stand is as much a challenge as it's a boring waste of time. Hence, you could, for example, rule out characters from Voyager. This is also where you tell me if you don't want to be writing either slash or het.
    You'll be given two options!

    Pick your pairing freely but go here for a scenario.

This is what the award looks like...

To participate in this Fest:

You should join the HoloPursuits mailing list. Please note that lurking is not allowed! The whole object of these Fuh-Q-Fests is to generate stories. If you join, you must submit at least 1 story. And please, post feedback as well!

HOWEVER, you don't have to be on the list to submit stories to the Fest and be eligible for the award!

Click HERE to find out how to submit a story, and the button below to join the list.

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