Before Greenland is organized forum-based plan to detail the solutions for the causes of global warming.

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Our most urgent issues are:
IRV election reform for better govt. and ending wars.
Our main IRV portal will be . is more establshed and has most IRV links nationwide.

Automated Rapid Transit  is needed 
urgently to reduce emissions and  stabilize the economy with the
 most efficient transportation possible.
Many proposed technologies are shown 
The most practical technology may be 
There is a professional discussion at is m

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As of 2008, humans have in fact already identified solutions to all threats facing us, but the solutions have not being implemented or even publicly agreed on yet.

In contrast, is for clarifying a time line and action plan if the world's peoples are to implement the solutions by 2020. We should have complete confidence that this can happen because we have the power already. is for establishing understanding and confidence in t is for detailing the threats and long-term solutions.

By2020 will prove that humans can solves global warming and other contributing problems, like wars, poverty hunger and the financial crisis.

These forums are to identify and share research,ideas, and proposals. 2009- current issues-updates

    action  strategy.     top  B2020's strategy is to establish a global "to-do" list 
in order to add all identified imminent threats to mankind, and to do it by 2020.
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forums The by2020 forums are claiming Craigslist forums 2008-2020
Each forum wil focus on  the goals for the designated year.
These are priorities to accomplish before Greenland melts. 
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  2012- The Supernatural forum    2013-"supernatural" archives   
 2014-crime solutions?    2015-short term carbon reduction?   
 2016-Global Orchards    2017-Population stability   
 2018- main forum so far  2019    2020- The Thankyou forum  2021 
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