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Ron Weasley's Gosple Bits  created Aug. 14, 2002
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Jules Verne Born Feb. 8, 1828
Mother's Angels, Framed Art
Mother's Angels, Framed Art
Greetings And PRAISE THE LORD EVERYBODY.  First of all; You all can rest and be sure that I am most certainly NOT HARRY POTTER'S sidekick.   I am not even red headed

Although I do like Harry Potter and other Sci-fi and fantasy books...  But anyway, this site deals with nothing but  Family friendly Christian related topics of every topic... Even there are some great Christian Sci- Fi Books and art outh there

And I love to paint and draw.... Thomas Kinkade is one of my favorite artist.  So you will be seeing alot of his art work on this site....   Among alot of others

this site srictly deals with CHRISTIAN COMEDIANS . Because I Really do
love Christian comedy          
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Ahh Geez Hon. Why can't I goes to Harry's and Ginny's
This is the  other Ron
and Hemr having another lovers' spat
Mark Lowry's Son: Piper The Hyper Mouse Plush Toy

Height (foot to ear) 10 inches

Width (ear to ear) 6.5 inches
Children's Christian Videos, Games And Software

Guiding Light Video
The Finest in Children's Christian learning products for children of all ages.

Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant