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Holy Cows
in Scientology™ 

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Means BAD!!        

The use of 'Suppressive Person' in Scientology™  is not very well defined - but one thing is for sure: It's bad! 
It's used to describe a case condition; It's used as a Justice Label and it's used as a Boogie Man to keep you on the narrow path and Bridge to "Total Freedom".

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Welcome to Holy Cows

"We find the technology unique and powerful. You could say it's that basic truth that lends power to these other parts of organized Scientology™ , that we have a problem with."


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HolyCow Series:

   Group Engrams
        and Holy Cows (1)

    Is KSW a 
       Holy Cow? (2)

   Don't Speak
      about the Tech! (3)

  Ron's Many 
      Hats  (4)

  Ethica and His Evil
       Twin, Justin  (5)

  The Commodore's
         Law  (6)
  A Critique of
        Criticism (7)

       Means BAD!! (8)


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"Our purpose is to take the many aspects of organized Scientology™  apart and put the pure auditing tech in one bin and and mark it "Good". Then examine other parts for possible recycling."


Holy Cows promote Clearing Technology for the benefit of the individual and without the arbitraries. We are unaffiliated with the Church of Scientology™  and its various branches, organizations and front groups.

We are members of the Freezone, a loosely organized network of groups, that use Clearing technology for spiritual advancement. It's based on Ron Hubbard's works, known as Scientology™ .

Scientology was first conceived of by the German philosopher,  Dr. A. Nordenholz, who in 1934 published a book "Scientologie" in Munich, Germany.

From 1950 and until he retired in 1982 the subject was greatly expanded and refined by the American philosopher, Ron Hubbard (1911-86).

Mr. Hubbard developed it into a spiritual technology aimed at making the individual more able and aware of his true powers and potential. The first major goal of this technology is to bring the client ('preclear' or pc) to a state of Clear. Thus we call it clearing technology.

Several students of Hubbard's technology have further developed and refined the subject. Among them William Robertson ('Captain Bill'), a long time 'right hand' associate and student under Hubbard. David Mayo, who for a number of years worked as the number one technical expert under Hubbard. Ken Ogger ('The Pilot'), who researched and published a system of processes based on the principles of Ron Hubbard's technology. He has published two major works: "Self Clearing" and "Super Scio". Alan C. Walter, a long time associate and student under Hubbard. Ralph Hilton, a practitioner and researcher now living in Austria, who has done great work. L. Kin, who was a student under William Robertson; he has written four books on the subject.

The articles you will find here are not a critique of the technology, but a critique of the practices, that over the years developed in the administration, ethics, promotion, practical delivery, pricing, defense and protection of Hubbard's technology.

We find the technology itself good. It's unique and powerful. You could say it's that basic truth that lends power to these other parts of organized Scientology™ , that we have a problem with. Hubbard put it this way: "We have the technology - now what do we put it in?"  "We needed a  pickle jar" (welcome to SO tapes, 1969). This is how he described the need for organizations. It's how the technology is preserved and packaged so it can be shipped and delivered, so to speak.  The organizations have however been riddled with  controversy and abusive practices. 

Since all what Hubbard did, was basically aimed at the perfection of this technology, and he succeeded in this, we owe him deep respect and gratitude. 

Our purpose with 'Holy Cows' is thus to take the many aspects of organized Scientology™  apart and put the pure auditing tech in one bin and and mark it "Good". Then examine other parts for possible recycling.

The Editor        

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NOTE: Due to trademark and copyright issues we prefer to use 'Clearing Technology' about Scientology™ Technology or 'Standard Technology'. Also 'Scientology™' has become a loaded term due to the many controversies and court cases it has been subject to. By Clearing Technology we mean the tech by itself.

We feature
Articles on 'Holy Cows' on this site:

Group Engrams and Holy Cows
In this article we are taking a new look at  different approaches to group engrams. We look at the group engram, that brought the Freezone into being; plus we introduce a new approach to the problem: the Holy Cow Run Down, a controversial procedure the Church of Scientology™  don’t want you to see.

Is KSW a Holy Cow? 
In this article we examine Keeping Scientology Working, the first item on every checksheet in Church of Scientology™  and ask this terrible question: Is it a Holy Cow?

Don't Speak about the Tech!
We examine the rules and social practices around 'verbal tech' and also the silence upheld around advanced, confidential levels. Are these practices a Holy Cow?

Ron's Many Hats
In this article we will look at the many hats Hubbard wore as founder and leader of Scientology™ . We will clear up some confusions between the different functions and also look at how well he wore the different hats.

Ethica and His Evil Twin, Justin
There are two twin brothers in Scientology™ , who are very hard to tell apart. It's Ethica and his evil twin brother, Justin. They share the same office, they speak the same language...
This article describes some basics of Scn Ethics and compares it with Justice.


The Commodore's Law
" Among the Holy Cows we have been chasing, this one is the holiest! It has earned 5 haloes! ...It is like running out an Engram!"
About certain aspects of Scn Justice and a detailed analysis of the Justice Codes


A Critique of Criticism
Criticism is a very loaded term in Scn. It has become to mean what non-compliance means to a soldier. In this article we examine, what's behind this little word and how deeply it has influenced the thinking and actions of the CoS.

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