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Removed Ultraboard - April 20,2001

I removed the Ultraboard, nobody used it and most of the time it wasn't working, also I changed the links page added and removed some links.

Added Visual Basic 6 runtime files! - April 20,2001

I added the runtime files for downloads from

Next Editor Done! - April 20,2001

I just finished my Megaman Save State Editor, and also changed my Adventure Island Editor a little..... What are you waiting for, go download them.

Next Editor 99% done - April 16,2001

Putting in the last of my offsets into my program.   Also I have added Some music for download.

Next Editor almost done - April 07,2001

I have goten all of the offsets, and now implanting them in my program.

Changed Emulator Page - April 02,2001

The Emulator Page now has links to the Emulators' Homepage.

Working on new Editor - April 02,2001

I have started work on all of the NES Megaman games for my next editor. (there is a lot of them!), Im not sure when I will be done.

Added Counter - April 02,2001

I added a counter yesterday

Fixed Links Section - April 01,2001

I have fixed all the Links, in the links section.

Added new save State Editor - April 01,2001

I have added my "Adventure Island Collection Save State Editor", a Save State Editor that has a Editor for all English/Translated "Adventure Island/Super Adventure Island" roms, I think. If you have any problems put it on the Ultraboard.

Added Emulator's Section - April 01,2001

I have got up a emulator's section!

Added Ultra Board - March 31,2001

Look to the menu at the left, I have gotten a UltraBoard account. Go There!!

The Site is now up! - March 30,2001

I have just got this site up, I am a new VB programmer and I am hoping to make many Save State Editors which will be available for download on here. Later I will get a voting system up so you can vote for other editors.

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