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Hey and welcome to Holyforce's Domain. Hope you enjoy this site!!!
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Wohoo!!! I finally got my entire menu system encoded into JavaScript. I should really be calling my pages .DHTML pages but oh well, I don't think GeoCities lets you upload DHTML files so I'll forget it. Anyways, the updates should be coming much faster now that I've got the menu thing working. I'll try and get Netscape compatiblity sometime soon but I think I'm gonna concentrate on gettin the rest of this webpage out 1st =).



Bah... those strategies took much longer than expected. My stupid finals and such didn't help too much either. Well, anyways now I'm on break and updates should be happening a bit more often. The Starcraft Strategies section is now up but the pictures for it aren't in yet. I'll hopefully have those up soon and thx fer everyone who's been waitin paitiently for them. Added Bites Dust (4 You SuperNoVa) and Jackal (Main Theme) (4 You VanGlass) to the Midi Jukebox. Gimme some more requests =)
Happy Holidays Everyone =)


Woo... I think I got all of the nice layering stuff up now. It should work on every page now. I just need to add the archived news popup to everything but I'm not too sure if I'm gonna do it quite yet. The strategy conversions are also going fairly well. I've got a couple more things to do (Edit and kill ^_^) with that section but it should be up soon.


I'm trying out this new layering system with the menu. Tell me how it is. Its currently only active on the Recent News page but it will probably be integrated into the entire webpage soon. =)


Hehe... I forgot to put up the Guestbook. Well, it should be working now. Feel free to leave me a message there. The form to contact me is also up! I'll be converting my strategies from the old format to the new one shortly. This will be completed probably within the week depending on how much time I've got. And that applies only to the Starcraft and Brood War sections.


Hey... I just finished the Midi JukeBox. Check it out! Otherwise, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Midi Section has also been added. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm kinda busy. =(


Here's the Basic Layout of the Page. Tell me what you guys think of it through the guestbook. I'll be updating as much as possible and what not. C ya around