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~("To Challenge, aspire and achieve all things with God")~
 ~~C O M M I T T E E~~ @
      Executive Student Council

Executive Student Cabinet are in charge of planning fun events for the school that will increase school spirit. They act as a voice for students on important issues affecting our school and they try to improve our school community as a whole.

The Student Cabinet Executives of the years 2000-2001 consists of:
  • Prime Minister - Jennifer Lee
  • Deputy Prime Minister - Maureen Cooper
  • Minister of Records - Jennifer Ayden
  • Minister of Finance - Anna Ogrodnick
  • Minister of Social Functions - Monika Nowakowski
  • Minister of Public Relations - Nicole McGillivray
  • Senior Representative - Melanie Sagala
  • Junior Representative - Andrea Kapeleris
  • Senators - Diana Bumbaca and Elizabeth Price

So far this year, the ESC has been very busy! They kicked off the school year with a very spiritual Welcome Week Pep Rally and Welcome Back Dance. They organized a Father-Daughter night with the swinging '70s. The ESC has a lot more plans for the rest of the year including more school dances and Spirit Week. We are looking forward to making this year great!

      Athletic Council Executive

alright call me a TOMBOY
TOMBOYS get medals
TOMBOYS win championships
TOMBOYS can fly
one more thing
TOMBOYS aren't boys

The Athletic Council Executives consist of a group of enthusiastic and active girls with teacher advisers, Ms M. Cassidy and Ms C. Stachelscheid. This committee provides many various intramural activities that help students become interactive and fit. Sports that are played include speedball, floor hockey, and volleyball. The main idea behind these events is recreation and fun. Everyone is a winner and all who participate receive prizes and refreshments. This group is responsible for organizing the Athletic Banquet, Fit Week, and publicity for school teams.

The energetic Athletic Council Executive for the years 2000-2001 consists of:

  • ACE President - Amanda Spina
  • ACE Vice President - Melissa Gomes
  • ACE Publicity Manager - Laura Farlow
  • ACE Activities Directors - Rhian Holmes & Ashley Hill
  • ACE Secretary - Carla Morey

So far this year, ACE has been very busy! They kicked off the school year with Welcome Week Activities, agenda ruler sales, an Olympic Trivia Contest and two intramurals; an Olympic intramural and a Recess intramural.
ACE has a lot more plans for the rest of the year including much more activities in the intramural events and the yearly senior and junior ski trip. They are looking forward to making this year great!

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