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~("To Challenge, aspire and achieve all things with God")~
 ~~H I S T O R Y~~ @
      Holy Name of Mary reflects the vision of the Felician Sisters. The nuns started the school on September 7, 1964 with one class of grade 9 and one class of grade 10 students.  A few students who were aspiring to become nuns lived on the third floor of the school and were members of these classes.

The Felician Sisters were not only owners of the building, but the teachers, secretaries, receptionists, and custodians of the school.  The closely knit community of Holy Name of Mary can be attributed to these early beginnings as the Sisters, through their hard work and devotion, impressed upon the young minds in their care the deeper meaning of life, the importance of each person. They encouraged the students to strive to attain their greatest potential. They made a conscious effort to listen and respond to the needs of these students.  They were totally devoted to the school and gave their time in service to the school community.  It is this tradition that makes Holy Name of Mary a school with a difference.

The Parent Guild (now the Parent/Teacher Association or Education Committee) helped to provide the equipment that the Sisters could not afford to purchase.   This Association is still an active and very supportive force at our school.

Since the nuns were very conscious of the need to use the facilities at Holy Name of Mary to its fullest, and so St. Joseph's High School rented some space and bused their grade 9 students here for two years.  St. Paul's also used this school to house their grade 7 students for a period of two years.

As the number of students increased, lay teachers were hired. Mrs. A. O'Donnell, former Physical Education and Co-Curricular Activities Department Head, was among the original lay teachers hired.

In September 1971, Holy Name of Mary joined the Dufferin-Peel  R.C.S.S. Board and offered Grade 9 and 10 programmes.  In 1983 the Sisters gave up their living quarters on the first and second floors of the school to facilitate the growth in the school.  In the spring and summer of 1985 these quarters were converted into classrooms.

While there are no Felician Sisters presently teaching at the school, their presence is still felt in the school community which has grown to 875 students and includes a wide range of academic offerings.

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