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      Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education is an alternative mode of learning which combines in-school theory(1/3 of the program) with out-of-school work experience(2/3 of the program); the student earns four credits this way. Co-op Education is a great opportunity for students to learn employability skills, explore different careers, and be exposed to state-of-the-art technology in the workplace.

This out-of-school program takes full advantage of educational resources within the community to offer the student an individual curriculum tailor-made for their specific potential and experiential needs. Possible placements are areas such as teaching, law & security, travel & tourism, business, human & animal medicine, retail, and media arts ... to name a few.

For more information on this course, please email us at Co-op Ed.

      Guitar Music

Guitar is an instrument that can become life’s companion. Because of its portability, it is often played during social gatherings among family or friends. The guitar, however, is also enjoyed alone on those free Saturday mornings. The guitar course is a relaxing course that requires no prior knowledge of the instrument. It allows a change from the stressful senior courses, and students can experience the enjoyment of playing with favorite tunes.

This course introduces the basic notes and chords on the guitar. Students learn picking and strumming, as well as reading and playing from chord charts and tabulature. There is a chance for students to listen to recordings of great performers and research their life and experiences. Students can use this course as a release from stress produced from their hectic schedules and use this opportunity to enjoy music.

      Classical Language: Latin


      Leadership and Peer Support

The Leadership course's major emphasis is in developing personal leadership skills and an understanding:

(1) of group processes in a democratic society.
(2) To foster a better understanding of themselves and their capacity for leadership,
(3) to understand the importance of leadership in a democratic society and to prepare students to assume leadership roles in the school and community.

The Various Events
Helping Student Cabinet with all activities:
1. Welcome week in September which included Father Daughter Night
2. Spirit Week in February with Mother Daughter Night
3. Thanksgiving Drive
4. Awards Night
5. Commencement
6. Big/Little sister Christmas parties
7. -Christmas Basket Drive and taking care of shelters (Mississauga Shelters for men  and women)
-St. Felix –supporting programs for children to keep them off the streets
-Assisting the organization in Toronto for homeless.
-Setting up apartments for previously homeless in Mississauga
-Helping the third world countries (e.g. during flood, earthquakes, etc.)
-Raising to adopt third world orphans
-Helping by creating rosaries for Mother Teresa in convent in Calcutta
-Assisting in Fashion Show/ Talent Show to raise money for Juvenile authetes (sp?) Research and Breast cancer
-Fund raisers to raise money for sick children’s Hospital in Toronto
-Hopefully to raise awareness of the endangered wildlife in 2000-2001
St. Felix Centre began about 3-4 years ago. The starting of this program was a combined effort of a former teacher sister Dorothy and Mrs. Koprich’s leadership class to help young children off the streets, away from drugs etc. during the summer months.

Mrs. Koprich’s students designed the program and volunteered their time in the summer (along with her) working at St. Felix in downtown Toronto. Last year they opened a brand new centre in place of what they had. The work of leadership classes, their drives for materials, crafts, books, equipment, or food started this. They designed a program of activities for the day. H.N.M raised $1500-2000 through selling coupon books and through a food, craft, toy drive generated many supplies. H.N.M and leadership should be proud we continue to support them with food and money.

Mrs. Koprich

      Society: Challenge and Change

This course introduces you to the three behavioural sciences: Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology. Some topics that are cover during this course include "The Nature of the Human Species", where the effects of heredity and environment on behaviour would be discussed; "The Impact of Culture"; and "Social Behaviour", which focuses on the process personality develops and the characteristics of group behaviour.

Throughout this course we will analyze the contribution of the Social Science to our understanding of human behaviour. In addition we will explore ways in which (a) individuals see themselves and others, (b) how people relate to others in a variety of social settings, and (c) how people adapt to a constantly changing society, and actively participate to influence these changes.

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