Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Tubas, Palestine
Nestled in the hills between Jerusalem and Nazareth, the city of Tubas contains a rare treasure of the Holy Land.  The Orthodox congregation of Holy Trinity Church, numbers sixty followers of Jesus Christ.  Though our numbers of small, we are the "salt of the earth" about which our Lord Jesus Christ spoke - we are few, but our faith is strong.

The religious history of Tubas dates back to Judges 9:50 and II Samuel 11:22, where the village of Thebez is identified.  From the time of Christ, there have been witnesses to his love and grace.

The present church building dates from 1976.  In recent years, the church has become more and more active, adding a fellowship hall, an office, and a children's library so that the Church may become the center of life for Tubas' small Christian community.

From this small building, we hope to plant in our children the seeds of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ that will give them the gift of his grace.

We invite you to visit us, and to see the "living stones" of the Holy Land.  As Philip said to Nathanel, "Come and See!" (John 1:46)
The Faithful of Tubas, Palestine
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