A BIG THANK YOU goes to all those who participated in the Sichuan Earthquake Fund charity auction. We never expected such great response from all you HOManiacs, which we managed to collect auction funds & cash donations of at least RM5,000! We will direct these funds to Ourhome China to be directed to the Sichuan Earthquake victims. 01/05/09

2009 marks HOManiacs' 10th Anniversary! It's been "10 GREAT YEARS" with the help & love from Leehom, Wangmama, Sony Music, and most importantly, all you very very supportive HOManiacs members! All of you have made these 10 years of happiness & hardships all worthwhile :)

"10 GREAT YEARS" and we're looking forward to many more 10's for sure. 03/05/09

THANK YOU TO LEEHOM for a wonderful Music-Man night! This awesome concert wouldn't have been possible too without the screaming passion of all you 25,000 fans out there on 2-May 2009! HOManiacs ROCK!!! Thank you again to all those wonderful people who made this concert possible!

For those who sent us their birthday wishes video for Leehom, on the right is the exact video which we edited and presented to Leehom during the concert. Pictures of Leehom receiving it can be seen here. 03/05/09

















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