PCHE Registration/Renewal Form


Print this page. Fill in the information and mail it with your check made out to PCHE. (To avoid printing the ads at the right, click on the arrows at the top of the ad frame.)

P.O. Box 2052
Lewiston, ID 83501

Please note:
All returning members and new members are required to agree to and sign the PCHE Statement of Purpose and Objectives.

PCHE Statement of Purpose

Port Cities Home Educators' main purpose is to support and encourage homeschooling families.

PCHE Objectives


  1. Name of homeschool parent and spouse ________________________________________
  2. Mailing Address _________________________________________________
  3. Email Address (This is important, we communicate mostly by email. If you don't have an email address, we can put you on a phone list.) ______________________________________
  4. Phone number __________________________
  5. Today's date ____________________________
  6. Membership fee- $12/school year. (This is pro-rated at $1/month when you join as a new member in the middle of a school year.) Our membership year runs from August through July of the following year.
  7. Please include your children's age, grade, and gender so that we can list your family in the PCHE Directory. This is so members can contact each other for social and homeschooling purposes. This list is not shared with anyone else.

  1. ______________________________________
  2. ______________________________________
  3. ______________________________________
  4. ______________________________________
  5. ______________________________________
  6. ______________________________________