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If you are female

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You are ........

a sweet, nice, handsome person, with a lot of optimism and a sense of humor. You like learning new things.  BUT the problem is:

You  find difficulty in solving your own problems,  difficulty to dealing with the other person.  And difficulty of expressing your feelings. You can't deal with stress, You can't feel happiness.  You like to be a friend, a lover, and a good person,
but you can't, so you need help.     

Does this sound  like you?  Then       

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Do you know about theory C?

Do you know how to apply it to solve problems?

Do you have difficulty to deal with women? or Men?

Do you have dreams you do not know how to interpret?

Do you feel that others do not understand you?

Do you think that you are a nice person BUT you need help,
emotionally, or socially, or psychologically?

If you do try to join the debate about the protocols of Zion
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