A homeschool co-op  network serving the Claremore, Chelsea,Pryor, Adair,Foyil,and other Regions of Northeast Oklahoma
Next Meeting
March 17th,2003
1:00 p.m.
Goodhope Church Fellowship Hall
call for directions
Ron & Kathy Hendrex
Rt 2 Box 319-1
We chose co-op for this simple reason, that is what we desire to be, a co-op..Each family involved giving of the gifts and talents we each have to help others..God has given us all gifts and talents and we can all use our gifts and talents to benefit others..We are an inclusive co-op non-dues also.

We do have a few goals in mind for what we are hoping to accomplish through this co-op..
Building lasting friendships for parents and children alike.

Coming together maybe twice a month to share ideas,fellowship,children being able to build relationships and learn to interact with others learn to respect others as well.
Would like to have fieldtrips as individuals set them up.Annual pictures with Shugarts studios, they will come to us and they are very conservative with prices.I would like to have an annual scrapbook/yearbook that is put together by the whole co-op..A lending Library would be nice, with wholesome reading materials as well as videos,maybe an incentive reading program too.I am just kind of thinking out loud here, There are so many things we can do to help one another in our homeschooling efforts that we can enjoy one another and our children can benefit from one another also.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but this is a co-op so all ideas are welcome and encouraged..Eventually I will set up an e-group where we can email one another with ideas or for instance if someone is going to the zoo, they can email and let others know and that is kinda how a fieldtrip can be set up...
taken from the word cooperation-working together to a common end.
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