Welcome to the HAWK homepage
The Home Alone with the Kids (HAWK) is a yahoo group, for all stay at home mums and mums that work part-time. It is a group of mums who can come together to share their views of parenting, tips, advice and somewhere just where we can all vent when we need to.

My name is Chris and I founded the HAWK club in September 2000, when I gave up my part-time job to look after my son Jordan full-time. I wanted to meet other mums like me and have a laugh and over the past 2 1/2 years I have found alot of support within the group and also made some lovely new friends.

If you would like to join our group then please e-mail me for an invite  as membership has to be approved by one of the moderators of HAWK. All SAHM mums are welcome any age :o)

To  find out more about me click here .

Please feel free to leave a NICE message in the guestbook below even if you decide not to join us.