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About Me

My Name is
Tammy Schneider.

I wanted to introduce myself and to tell you how I happened to become involved with The DHS Club.

I am married with two boys and live in Australia. I had worked for the Government for 17 years when I decided to finish work and spend more time with the boys. I have been searching for a home base business for a while. I have been involved in other marketing programs over the years and nothing came out of it. Just alot of hard work and making no money. I have invested money and time into programs on the internet to find out that they don't work.
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Name: Tammy Schneider
One day, I received an email about The DHS Club - another program (so I thought)! But, what the heck, it was free! So I decided to join to see what this was all about. I soon received an email directing me to my Member Information Area. So I looked around to learn more about The DHS Club and how it worked. I could tell that this was different. No hype or expensive products. Just a great way to save money and some kind of income opportunity too?

I read something about a free, no obligation Start-up Incentive Program and a Jump Start option. Since I wasn't sure about everything yet, I didn't select the Jump Start option. Now knowing what I know, I sure wish I had!

Supposedly I was going to start having Members transferred to me to create a trial "network". Right! So I decided to "watch" over the next few days and I soon began to receive emails about people being placed below me, so I went back to the report and sure enough, another Member was now in my network. Was I still skeptical? YOU BET! But I was still interested.

And every few days I received emails about more Members being transferred to my network and about my deadline to upgrade to VIP in order to keep the Members. So I went back through all the VIP upgrade information and read some testimonials and how everything worked. I still didn't understand everything, but I did know one thing that I liked - the company has been in business for over 7 years!

So I decided after emailing my Sponsor and Team Coach to subscribe to ClubAdvantage and upgrade to VIP. It was just $49.95, which was great for our budget (we didn't go out to dinner that week) but it seemed too small an investment to have a big opportunity. Boy was I wrong!

The personal help I received from my VIP Team Coaches was more than I ever expected. We work together as a real team! I started taking the online training courses right away and even listened in to the weekly online, interactive training and heard from the DHS Club's founder and CEO Dick Burke and VIP leaders from around the world.

I soon discovered that I had found something that so many people are looking for. A company with integrity that offers a genuine opportunity to create a lifelong residual income, that is led by a CEO that is honest and forthright.

This has become one of the best decisions I have made. I have begun a successful online business. We are not making "millions", but we have begun to take the Club's Ten Step Plan To Financial Freedom and we are seeing our network of Members and VIPs get bigger every day. For the first time in our life, we have something that we can do and build to increase our short term income and more importantly, to create a long term residual income.

If you are not yet a Member, I urge you to join for free now:

If you have become an Associate Member, I invite you to join our VIP team by subscribing to ClubAdvantage:

As soon as I receive your confirmation notice, I will be in touch with you to help you get started!

Best Regards,

Tammy Schneider