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jurassic 5 is the best hip hop band ever. chali 2na akil zaakir marcse7en cut chemist dj numark. underground hip hop. jurassic 5, j5, jurassic 5, jurassic 5 lyrics, pictures, bio. chat room, message board. webmaster sean riehl. seans j5 site. jurassic 5 will be here forever, theyre the best thing since run dmc. my name is sean riehl, i run this website. turntables are cool. invisible skratch picklz, mountain brothers, run dmc, dj numark is cool. jurassic 5 is so tight, if i could be in an underground hip hop band, it would so like j5. i dont even know why i like jurassic 5 so much. maybe its the crazy beats that make me want to breakdance and do graffiti all over the place, or maybe jurassic 5 is just so crazy i cant even stand it. anyways, back to the basics, j5 is the tightest band ever. 5 jurass finish first. jurassic5 jurassic 5

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