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Check out this sample of products from The Wholesale Directories

Dept. Store Jewelry @ $0.15 ea * Assorted Sunglasses @ $0.50 ea * Lipsticks @ $0.35 ea * USA Flag Pin @ $0.70 ea * God Bless America Key Chains @ $0.35 ea * Star Wars and Star Trek Models as low as $4.00 ea * Golfer Musical Water Globe @ $2.50 ea * Children's Books as low as $0.25 ea * Light-Up and Wheel Yo-Yo's @ $0.60 ea * 500 Pc. Puzzles @ $2.00 ea * Blue Pyramid Oil Lamps @ $5.00 ea * 24 Pc. Flatware Serving Sets @ $8.50 ea * Onion Blossom @ $0.35 ea * Hooded Rain Coats @ $0.55 ea * Zebco "Johnny Quest" 5 ft. Fishing Rod @ $5.00 ea * 3-in-1 Pocket Knife @ $0.30 ea * Tattoos @ $0.05 ea * Playing Cards @ $0.40 ea * Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket @ $72.00 ea * Leather Chaps with belt & buckle @ $62.00 ea * Ladies soft Leather Dress @ $62.00 ea * 5 Piece Leather Luggage Set @ $59.72 ea * 22 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware @ $107.20 ea * Cuckoo Clock @ $75.74 ea * Leather Briefcase @ $9.26 ea * Leather Backpack @ $9.85 ea * Ab Gymnic as seen on T.V. @ $6.95 ea * Remote Control Watch - The ultimate lazy boy toy with a remote control for your TV and VCR, with volume adjustment and rewind function @ $6.95 ea * License plate protector, no more traffic tickets @ $22.95 ea * Designer and Famous Brand Cosmetics as low as $0.75 ea * Adult XXX DVD's @ $6.75 ea * Cactus Juice Bug Repellent @ $2.50 ea * Hand Painted Curio Cabinets @ $15.00 ea * Farberware 11 pc Knife Sets @ $6.00 ea * Licensed Sports Duffle Bags @ $4.58 ea * Planet Hollywood Kitchen Glasses @ $2.00 ea * Famous Brand Nail Polish @ $0.75 ea * Electronic Hand Held Monopoly @ $6.00 ea * NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr sound wall clock @ $2.95 ea * Jantzen Sunglasses @ $1.50 ea * New Books on art, computers, fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, children's books, travel, health, sports, gardening, business, novels, self-help all under $5.00 * electronic calculators @ $0.89 * FISHER PRICE Infant to Toddler Monitor @ $24.99 ea * WHISTLER Radar/Laser Detector @ $88.00 ea * NHL Licensed watches @ $12.00 ea * DVD home theatre system @ $178.00 ea * DVD/MP3 player @ $119.00 ea * Home Surveillance System @ $59.90 ea * From the Home Shopping Network 18k Gold Over Silver Rings starting @ $84.00 ea * Digital Cameras starting @ $36.00 ea * Cordless Rechargeable Drill @ $34.00 ea * Cordless Screwdriver @ $12.00 ea * Wireless Mouse & Keyboard @ $36.00 ea * JUST FLY Scooter @ $10.00 ea * REEBOK, NIKE, TIMBERLAND, SKETCHERS, etc. starting @ $6.00 pair * Tyco Radio Control Slammer or Dagger @ $21.00 ea * Barbie Playsets and Collector Editions starting @ $6.00 ea * GI Joe Collector doll starting at $16.00 ea * Cell Phone Antenna Booster @ $0.24 ea * Laser Pointer Key Chain @ $1.96 ea * BBQ Lighter @ $0.79 ea * Tap Light @ $0.55 ea * Electric Alarm Clock @ $2.89 ea * Hymns of Devotion Book and CD Set @ $3.49 set * Noah's Ark Night Light @ $1.44 ea * Decorative Candles set of 2 starting at $0.59 * Wooden Row Boat 8 " Curio Shelf @ $0.95 * Hummingbird Thermometer @ $2.68 ea * Nokomis Spray Perfume @ $2.70 ea * Looney Tunes Tweety Alarm Clock/Nightlight @ $7.55 ea * Kraco Speakers @ $5.99 set * Artic Zone Brand Insulated Lunch Bag @ $2.86 ea * Maxi-Bag Sealer - As Seen On TV @ $2.88 ea * John Deere™ Tractor Lamp @ $18.99 ea * Last Supper Statue @ $14.99 ea * Precious Moments Tile Magnets Set of 4 @ $2.19 set * Sonaki 35mm Camera Set @ $29.99 set * TOMMY GIRL® by Tommy Hillfiger @ $5.00 * Oscar de Larenta®, Giorgio®, Obsession®, Opium®, CANDIES®, DKNY®, Pleasures®, Polo Sport®, Red®, Sunflowers®, Tommy Girl®, Victoria"s Secret®, White Diamonds®, and more all at @ $2.00 ea * PRINTER HP DESKJET @ $60.00 ea * 15” Monitors: Dell/Compaq/IBM/HP/Nokia @ $40.00 ea * CPU's: INTEL Celeron 950 Mhz FCPGA/128Kb/ BOX @ $66.00 * INTEL Celeron 1300 Mhz FCPGA/256Kb/BOX @ $86.00 * INTEL Pentium IV - 1.6 Ghz Socket 478/256Kb/BOX @ $130.50 * INTEL Pentium IV - 1.6 Ghz Socket 478/512Kb/BOX @ $138.00 * INTEL Pentium IV - 1.7 Ghz Socket 478/256Kb/TRAY @ $145.00 * INTEL Pentium IV - 1.7 Ghz Socket 478/256Kb/BOX @ $157.00 * INTEL Pentium IV - 1.8 Ghz Socket 423/256Kb TRAY @ $176.00 * INTEL Pentium IV - 1.8 Ghz Socket 478/256Kb/TRAY @ $179.50 * INTEL Pentium IV - 1.8 Ghz Socket 478/512Kb/BOX @ $191.50 * INTEL Pentium IV - 1.9 Ghz Socket 478/256Kb/TRAY @ $224.00 * INTEL Pentium IV - 1.9 Ghz Socket 478/256Kb/BOX @ $227.00 * INTEL Pentium IV - 2.0 Ghz Socket 478/512Kb/TRAY @ $286.00 INTEL Pentium IV - 2.0 Ghz Socket 478/512Kb/BOX @ $306.00 * INTEL Pentium IV - 2.2 Ghz Socket 478/512Kb/TRAY @ $417.00 * AMD Duron 1000 Socket/200Mhz/TRAY @ $45.50 * AMD Athlon XP 1700+ Socket/266Mhz/TRAY @ $104.00 * AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Socket/266Mhz/TRAY @ $195.00 * MEMORY: 256 Mb PC133 SDRAM Micron @ $51.00 * 128 Mb PC133 SDRAM Micron @ $31.00 * 256 Mb PC133 SDRAM Specteck @ $51.00 * 128 Mb PC133 SDRAM Specteck @ $28.00 * 128 Mb PC266 DDR Samsung @ $34.00 * 256 Mb PC266 DDR Samsung @ $73.00 * 256Mb PC133 SDRAM Micron @ $45.00 * 64Mb PC133 SDRAM Micron @ $14.00 * 20 Gb 2B020H1 Maxtor 5400 Rpm - ATA100 - IDE 59.00 * HardDisk Drives: 60 Gb 6L060J3 Maxtor 7200 Rpm - ATA133 - IDE @ $96.25 * 80 Gb 6L080J4 Maxtor 7200 Rpm - ATA133 - IDE @ $119.00 * 40 Gb 4D040H2 Maxtor 5400 Rpm - ATA100 - IDE @ $67.00 * Plush disney characters: A Bug's Life, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Donald Duck, The Little Mermaid Ursula, Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty, Tarzan and more @ $2.75 ea * Cpus & Memory * Digital Cams * Io Card * Keyboards * Media * Mice * Modems * Monitors * Motherboards * Multimedia * Networking * Notebooks * Pda * Printers * Scanners * Servers * Software * Storage * Video Cards * 32pc. PYREX® Glass Ovenware Set * 7pc. PHYRALON Non-stick Cookware Set * 8pc RIVIERA Stainless Steel Cookware Set * 25pc. CORNINGWARE® French White® Cookware Set * THE JUICE MASTER * 40pc. ROGERSco Stainless Steel Flatware * 50pc. BETTY CROCKER® Cranberry Food Saver Set * 37pc. BAKE KING® Professional Bakeware Set * 37pc. BAKER'S SECRET® Non-Stick Bakeware Set * 34pc CORELLE® IMPRESSIONS® Dinnerware Combo Set * 33pc. ROGERSco Kitchen Set Combo * Nostalgic flour sack dish towels, potholders, bbq aprons, placemats, coffee mugs, and tablecloths * candy, snacks, cigars, dollar store items and much much more.

This should give you an idea of the great prices, products, and deals you will find on this CD and many of them will dropship for you! Pricing and availability may change as suppliers continually change merchandise. You may even find better deals than what I have listed.

You get wholesaler websites, phone numbers; fax numbers, email addresses and/or mailing addresses. Some require a minimum order, others do not.

Sources revealed for these popular Trademark and Licensed Products!

B/O Puzzle cars

2002 Olympic Games


Ab Force

Ab slide




Americana Sweetheart Collection

Anastasia Collection





Beanie Babies


Betty Boop

Black & Decker


Calvin Klein









Cover Girl


Dale Earnhardt





Fisher Price

Franklin Mint



George Foreman Grill



Golden Book



Harley Davidson

Harry Potter



Hot Wheels








Liz Claiborne

Looney Tunes



Major League Baseball

Max Factor


Mickey Mouse










Ocean Pacific




Planet of the Apes




Raggedy Ann and Andy

Ray Ban





Route 66



Scooby Doo

Sega Genesis


Sesame Street


South Park

Star Trek

Star Wars

Swiss ARMY

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy jeans



Victoria's Secret

Warner Brothers



Winnie the Pooh

Wizard of the Oz



Zippo Lighters

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Hot Products
8 Minute ABS
AB Away Pro
Ab Doer Body Toner
Ab Energizer
AB Force
AB Roller + The Original
AB Slide
Abtronic Complete Package
Abtronic Original
Auto Hammer
Carb Fighter
Clever CAM
Cybersonic Toothbrush
Cyclone Diet
Dr. HO's Muscle Therapy
Eagle Eyes Variations
Epil Stop & Spray
Fast Abs
Flowbee Haircutting System
FoodSaver Deluxe VAC 1050
Friend's Game
Gator Grip
George Foreman Rotisserie
Girls Gone Wild Collection
Goin' South
Gutter Flusher
Hollywood 48 Hour Diet
Inspiration Clock
Internal Antenna Booster
Laughing Out Loud
Leakender 2000
Liquid Leather W/ Fabric Kit
LitterMaid Mega
Magic Wallet
Miracle Foot Repair
Moving Men
Orange Glo Starter Kit
Out 'n' Clean
Oxi Clean Stain Specialist
Pest OFFense
Phase 4 Orthotics
Pro Fix 6
Pro Trim
Proactiv Solution
Pulse CD
Pump 'N Seal
Quick Chop
Quick N' Brite Kit
Rainbow Art
Restore 4
Shiatsu Massager
Steam Buggy
Sushi Maker
Tan Perfect Kit
Thunderstick Mixer Pro
Torso Track II
Total Gym 1500
Total Tiger
Turbie Twist
Turbo Cooker
Turbo Tiger
UnBRAKEable AutoLock
US Coin Map
Walk Away the Pounds
Wrap Snap and Go

You also receive on this Amazing CD...

Credit Secrets Revealed

Internet Detective Files

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Key Key Spy

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This complete guide was written by an ex cop from the New York Police Dept! Every aspect from avoiding cops on the road; how to act and what to say when you're pulled over; to how you should plea in court, is covered in vivid detail!
He even went to the trouble of testing the information he provided by intentionally getting pulled over! What happened is included in the guide! He also provides a transcript of another incident where he got pulled over unintentionally, driving at 80mph right down the center of two lanes. And still got off with just a warning!

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Fun Stuff and Entertainment

Sexy Screensavers
The Internet Adult Film Database
Internet Movie Database: contacts
Romance Novel Database
Dirty Jokes
Top 100 SciFi/Fantasy List
The original big bands database
The Webtender: An On-Line bartender.
Edible Landscaping Index (Fruit, Nut, Herb Gardening)
Breweries -beer worldwide, how to brew your own
Kosher Restaurant Database
Dilbert Zone
Music Database 2000 music database software for disc jockeys and disc jockey equipment for DJ's
The fishing diary database
Hobbys, humor Listings

Plus Tons More...You've Got To See It To Believe It!

Remember Full Resale Rights On All Orders!

When you purchase this CD you purchase the rights to the programs and files on it. This means you can sell just one program or group together several files to create your own product, keep it for your own personal use or resale the entire CD! Your possibilities are endless!!!

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SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/ & XP and an internet connection.


Files and programs on this CD have been obtained from sources offering full resell and reproduction privileges.

I own copyrights to this CD. No copyrights have been violated.

This advertisement may not be duplicated in part or whole. Anyone doing so will be reported to the appropriate authorities!


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