My Purple Haven
To my Purple Haven... Home to my purple cyber pets. Please be sure to visit all my purple pages while youre here...
This is Mira... guardian of the color purple. She is the protector of all in my purple haven.
This is Ophelia... guardian of innocence and cyber pets. She makes sure that all is well in my purple haven.
This is my purple kitty Puma... He likes to wink at all my visitors !
This is Lulu... she represents the part of me that is still, and ever will be a child at heart. Click on her to get one of your own !
This is Mr. Grapes... he was created for me by a good friend of mine named Zedd. Please click on him to visit his site !
This is my purple people-eater... Her name is Violet. I call her that because she is named after my Nana who always knew...
that purple rulz !
This is my purpliciously purple snow globe created especially for me by an exceptionally talented lady by the name of Spirit Wolf...