Archived guestbook entries
Archived Guestbook Entries

Name :   Carl„o
Country :   Brasil
Comment :   Cool!!!!!
Name :   Michael
Country :   Brooklyn, USA
Comment :   Aaron and Aidil, Congratuluations on both. I built an FPGA microcode CPU last year, but what you (and Bill B) have done is impressive on a different scale. Thanks for your hard work, Michael
Name :   Pedro
Country :   Hungary
Comment :   Im so... mazda [url= ]mazda[/url]
Name :   Jules
Country :   Malaysia truly Asia
Comment :   kudos A!! looks like you put a lot of effort on the project. keep it up!
Name :   harwin
Country :   russia
Comment :   dei hang hebat also working on the reconstruction of my belai....increament in length and diameter...wil be ready by new year
Name :   Ong
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Thanks so much Aidil for tolerating my incessant and annoying questions on Magic 1. It will not end anytime soon. Haha. Thx again!
Name :   Kyle Patrick
Country :   Canada
Comment :   Nice Job. Kyle Patrick (IBM Canada)
Name :   coco
Country :   China
Comment :   perfect!Very good!
Name :   Hizad
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Outstanding job...
Name :   
Country :   
Comment :   keep up the good work!
Name :   Johan Iversen
Country :   UK
Comment :   Love Bills machine, great to see it lives on. Well done to all concerned! Homebrews rule!!
Name :   dave
Country :   malaysia
Comment :   cool dude;)great job..
Name :   Sumayyah
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Superb, Simply Marvellous!! Well done both of you, really proud to have known you two ;)
Name :   Diha
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Im very proud of u =)
Name :   Shirley
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Cheers for Aaron & Aidil! All the chips, boards & cable hunting was definately worth it! =)
Name :   bariong
Country :   msia
Comment :   ni la projek yg aku hine2 tuh kan?? wahahaha.. slambe aku ckp mlayu.. blank, oang skg dah 64bit aaa.huhu
Name :   azizi
Country :   malaysia
Comment :   To Aidil...Congrats my brother, hope your ideas can contribute to lots more inventions in electronics.. i know you have the gift since we were small.. you are the best... abang long :D
Name :   Bill Buzbee
Country :   United States
Comment :   Great job Aidil and Aaron!
Name :   Mohd Asri
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Good idea but could not really understand what it is for.
Name :   Ho Tatt Wei
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Hi Aidil, Congratulations on a very neat looking machine! Heres wishing you well in all your endeavours and hoping you will go on to build even greater things in the future! Best rgds, Tatt Wei
Name :   Kelly
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Truly impressive and sophisticated. Very well done Aaron and also Aidil. I hope u guys will go far with this project and all the best!
Name :   Sadaf
Country :   Iran
Comment :   I always knew you could make it;) allthe best with your future career. For a smart young man who deserves the best. I still need more time to figure out all the wirings:D, quite impressed:)
Name :   hikki
Country :   japan
Comment :   kombawaa~ ur computer looks nice..hope to get ur phone number,aaron.;p
Name :   Beng Seow
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   These projects are real impressive! Congrates Aaron! To complete such a clone within a year, Wow! Keep it up, wish u all the best!
Name :   geoff tang
Country :   malaysia
Comment :   as a doctor with no engineering background i am really impressed that both of u can create something like this which actually works too! congratulations!
Name :   lim pin ai
Country :   malaysia
Comment :   interesting project. keep up the good work
Name :   Adrian Ang Teck ann
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Excellence jobs guys. Very impressive work of science and art. Looks like a lot of hard work put into it. Can I have the masterpieces once youre done with it? ;-) haha
Name :   Lim Suan Sim
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   
Name :   alin
Country :   malaysia
Comment :   congrats2..
Name :   t-logos
Country :   malaysia
Comment :   did u win at the edx?haha..nice project nyway
Name :   KK Teoh
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Hey man well done Keept it up
Name :   namasayaplex
Country :   malaysia
Comment :   tahniah housemate!!!!!wuwwuuwu..elo elo
Name :   Tong Wen Jie
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Hi.. I was impressed to see aarons works from the the beginning till the end of his project. He has put in a lot of effort in his FYP project. No doubt, his project will work. Kiodus, Aaron!!! Congratulations to u too, Adil!
Name :   Xiang Min
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   I didnt know you guys were doing clones. Thought it was just cpu ;p good work anyway~!
Name :   Elmryano
Country :   Malaysia tercinta!! =D
Comment :   congrats for the both of u!!impressed on what u two had done.well done dudes =D
Name :   shiham
Country :   msia
Comment :   as expected la kan..n1 rommate
Name :   kiatsim86
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   nice job.... i prefer the magic-1.:)
Name :   Samsul Fitri Abd. Razak
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Well done guys
Name :   Erica Ting
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   really words cud describe..!!~ good job..both of u :D
Name :   Emil Zaidan
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   A very great achievement! nice ar blank & aaron...haha
Name :   Chok
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   The projects seem to be something beyond EE degree project. I am very impressed with them considering that they can come out with these amazing projects in such a limited period of time. Excellent.
Name :   Sanjeev
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   Well Aaron, congrats. Seeing u work on this project since the beginning of the year til its completion, well, its kinda impressive. Alot of FYPs are on theory and reseach only. Its nice to see a FYP that works and works well. Congratulations and well done
Name :   Fong Choong Chiu
Country :   Malaysia
Comment :   I saw the fabrication process of my good friend Aarons Mark 1 FORTH project and have been duly impressed. Ive always been an end user and his work has definitely amazed me at what you can do from your own home.
Name :   Merlin Skinner
Country :   UK
Comment :   Ive been following Bills progress for some time now, and am very pleased to see that someone has cloned his machine. Well done to all concerned!
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