Mark 1 FORTH Clone

Mark 1 FORTH Clone

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The Mark 1 FORTH Clone follows the design of the original Mark 1 Forth Computer very closely. The only main difference is that the clone uses mainly LSTTL chips whereas the original computer uses mainly HCMOS chips. The computer's specifications are:

IC Technology LSTTL & HCMOS
Clock Speed 1 MHz
Data Bus 8-bit
Address Bus 16-bit
Input/Output RS-232
Software FIG-FORTH

For those of you who are not familiar with FORTH, Wikipedia has a great entry on it, together with links to tutorials. Check it out here: FORTH@Wikipedia

As in Andrew Holme's original Mark 1, the computer consists of 9 system cards, which are:

1. System Clock and Instruction Decoder
2. Microcode Sequencer
3. Working register (W) Index Register
4. Insturction Pointer (IP) Index Register
5. Stacks
6. Memory
7. Arithmetic & Logic Unit (ALU)
8. Diode ROM
9. Input/Output

The following pictures show the completed system cards:

System Clock and Instruction Decoder, and Microcode Sequencer(left)

The 2 Index Registers

Memory(left) and Stacks

ALU and Diode ROM(left)



Mark 1 FORTH Clone

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