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by Greg (casualatarigamer@netscape.net)

     This project comes from the guy who I mentioned in the HVGP01 FAQ.  Previously I wrote that he was working on a system called the PGS-SK, but he recently asked me to make a correction.  Greg is currently working on two game systems.  One is called the PGS-SK and the other is called GGS-FS.  Formally codename the Grasshopper Project, the PGS-SK will be the first game system he will complete.  The system will display graphics through a vertical matrix projector with a variable resolution.  The PGS-SK will be powered by what he calls the Mantis 1 hardware a custom processor he calls the MAP4.  Greg hasn't told me many details about the GGS-FS except that it will be more powerful and that it will use the Synthetic Stereo technology that he has developed for the PGS-SK.  I think it is safe to assume that both names will be changed when the systems are completed.  He is currenlty "knee deep" in the work.

The Demon Gaming System
by Nick Yatteau

<>     Nick was working on the most advanced homemade game system that I came across.   The Demon was going to be built around many off-the-shelf parts and run versions of popular games.  Due to many factors, Nick decided to abandon the project and restart it in the summer.