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Homeworkers Organized for More Employment is a human resource cooperative working to improve our lives and the lives of others since 1970.

We are growing organic produce and helping to feed and shelter many people in mid-coast Maine.

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"Serve First Those Who Suffer Most"

The Rural Coalition We are part of the international coalition of rural communities:

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The Garden went from deep in snow to too wet, to too dry, to too wet...

A good snow cover keeps the ground from freezing deep and it dries out faster in spring.

We have been distributing fresh produce again through the Senior Farm-Share program and at farmers markets in Bucksport and Ellsworth, Maine.

Please come and check out the local organic produce!
We are providing some fresh vegetables for our soup kitchen and food bank.

"Those who sow in tears will reap in joy."(Psalm 126:5)
The Food Bank is in need of more donations and food.
There is a lot of food we need that we cannot grow here.

... Other projects we are concerned about:

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Bangor Clean Clothes Campaign Peace through Interamerican Community Action
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Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine
Peace & Justice Center
No Excuse for Domestic Violence
The World Will Be Saved By Beauty...

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