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Welcome to Home Musician Resources!

As home musicians' needs of free resources on the web is never satisfied, I have decided to put up this web page. You will find some short articles and tutorials for beginning home musicians, covering interesting areas such as home recording and MIDI among others. This website does not pretend to be of any professional use as I am not a professional myself.

MIDI has been around for about two decades now but many people still don't understand what it is. So, what exactly is MIDI and where can you go to learn more about it? Here is our little guide about it.

Have you ever played a MIDI file and thought "That sounds like crap!". Well it is because your soundcard uses it's own sound to generate the instruments. Soundfonts are used to replace these actual MIDI sounds by samples made, for example, from real instruments.

You just bought your first guitar but got nothing to play? Of course, you can go and buy music sheets. The second option is to crawl the web and find some good tabs. Learn here where to find them and how to read them.