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9.2.2002 - Two new releases! First Bad Dude sampler featuring Bleeding, Hardflip, Envision, Another Problem and others, also check out the Lineout demo, skapunk from Mönchengladbach. Check out the release page for more.

6.12.2002 - Clowns Of The Gods Demo released. Get in touch...

5.30.2002 - To get the official WinAmp BadDude Skin Alpha .5, click HERE.
Then rename "" to "bdskin.wsz" and execute that file.

5.12.2002 - The live section has been updated. Check it out.

5.6.2002 - The BAD DUDE RECORDS page has inofficially opened it's doors today. Expect more to come in the next weeks, for now gaze in awe at the front sleeve of our first release, the COTG's self entitled demotape. More information on how to order this beauty to follow, dudes. Our email is