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Started building GTA2 Domain - The Home of Gta2. I have started and finished building the cheats, gangs and guestbook section of the website including the Index.html site which i am always working on for improvement.

I will start to work on new aspects of the site and try new fonts and experiment with Geocities a bit, so dont epxect to see a whole new GTA2 Domain in a few weeks time.

Please vist my m8's websites
totally cubed (game cube) and Gran Tursimo Three.

But dont you think my sites better. Well if you think so write it in the new gusetbook i have created.

By the way to end the day if you have any comments either write in the guestbook or Contact Me by using the button at the top of the page.
Today is the first day after starting to do work on my site.

I will now try and finsh doing three more sections though its ambitous which will be the Weapons section, Vehicles section and Links section of the page, well maybe ill do 2.
Well i have the finished the 2 sections i promised or was it three, lol.

The Vehicles section is a major part of the page considering the game has so many of the damn things. i'll try my best but can you help me out by sending me the names of some cars i cant remember them all and they aren't anywhere in the GTA2 folder under DMA Design.