This is the home of PW, Parsons Wrestling.

August the 1st, the 3rd attempt at Parsons Wrestling or PW. Formerly known as Parsons Championship Wrestling (PCW).

This time I decided to run it as a backyard fed and make the wrestlers only ones actually from Parsons, Kansas. Also the stats are realistic so expect really REALLY crappy matches.

Click here for the wrestler page. Bios and stats on all the wrestlers of PW.

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PW is a made up wrestling federation useing Total Extreme Wrestling made by Adam Ryland. This is a site for a FAKE wrestlng federation. Do NOT take anything shown here seriously. Do not try to buy tickets to PW shows, it doesn't exist. All wrestlers and PW related text is property of Rone Rivendale, however should you wish to use any of the wrestlers for your e-fed or for anything else, all that's needed is an email (rone_rivendale@hotmail) to let me know you are using it. Thank you.