02/10/02 - the day the world shook with the dreadful news...the news that sunday will b the last gig from these fine punkers self titled...lets make it one to remember!!!!

25/09/02 - Kenisia added to the alldayer im bristol check down for map etc!!!

23/09/02 - photos from the croft been developed and are up in the pictures section...still need a review if n e one wants to write one!!??

18/09/02 - big thanks to Pete for being in the band so long!!! you've always tried ure best hope Uni treats u well!!! all the best

18/09/02 - so we played bristol, we fucked up, so wats new?? everyone seemed to have fun..roll on the full moon!!!

10/09/02 - Us? An Alldayer? At the FullMoon? Surely not?