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I have found that very few sites really carry good links to resources that are useful to homeschoolers, teachers, parents, and students. Many of these sites provide links to used textbooks, homeschool stores, and educational material for teachers. If you have any useful links that you would like put on these pages please send them to me at my home. I would love it if you also had success stories of educational projects that you have undertaken. Please email them to me also and I will put up a page with the description of the educational project and pictures ... please no pictures of people ... anonymous is good. If you would like others to contact you about the project please put a note in the email and I will gladly post it.

This webpage is dedicated to those of us that need a comprehesive site for finding useful links to:
Used Textbooks
K-12 Textbooks
Teaching Materials
Local Groups
Meeting Information
...other educational links

Cheap Textbook Links:
Teacher's Edition Textbooks
20% off NEW Saxon Books - Highly Recom.
Classroom Resources

Math Links:

Math for School

Science Links:

Discover Magazine
National Geographic Magazine


Homeschool Info:
Homeschool World
Resource Guide
HomeSchool World
Christian HomeSchool Resources
Let's HomeSchool

WebSites for Kids - ThinkQuest
Lesson Plans
Online Classes
Education World - AN AWESOME SITE!!!


Homeschool 88 Used Textbooks Resource Page
Homeschool Resource Links:
Used Textbooks K-12
Math Tutoring
School Math Resources, Lesson Plans, and Printables
Buy Classes Online
Email me if you are looking or would like a link posted:
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