Home Shiatsu Therapy
What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a traditional form of Japanese healing which promotes relaxation and the maintenance of good health. It incorporates gentle manipulation, stretching and pressure techniques to encourage the free flow of energy and harmony throughout the body.
Welcome to Home Shiatsu Therapy...
Do you have sessions for male clients?

Due to it's sensitive nature, the sessions are NOT available to solo male clients. Sessions, with both male and female clients, carried out one after another are welcome.

Can  more than one person have a session at the same time?

Sorry, I am only able to carry out a session one at a time. But I will be glad to carry out the sessions one after another.
How will feel after a session?

Ahhh... That's what most people say after a session. Common results include:
*Improved sleep
*Reduced tension 
*Better tempreraments 
*Relief of ailment(s) 
*Complete relaxation

Post-session reactions vary from one ndividual to the next. If you are unsure if your reactions are normal, I will be pleased to advise.
How much is a session?

Each session is charged as follows:
60 minutes - S$100
(all prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)
Available from 12 noon. Last Appointment: 6.30pm
* Note: Service is not available in the East of Singapore.
Have a massage party! - email me to find out how
All enquries welcome!
I look forward to hearing from you!
     - Sera Tan -
Points to note:

*Call to schedule your appointment 24 hours in advance (minimum).
*Before a session, it is recommended that food should be consumed at least an hour before.
This is avoid uncomfortable sensations when lying face down.

*An area in your home should be planned for the massage table to be placed - this space will have to
  comfortably accomodate a single sized bed. If you are uncertain about where the massage table
  should be placed, no worries, I will be able to help you select a suitable space.
*To ensure you enjoy your session in comfort, air-aonditioning is recommended.
A well ventilated room will do just as well.

*Feel free to comment during the session; if you require a deeper pressure,
more attention spent on a part of your body, etc. It is my goal to tailor the session to your needs.
*Create the surroundings you want!
Bring in aromatherapy, candles, music, or just enjoy the peace and calm.
Tel: +65 98558 224
Fax: +65 67280528
E: homeshiatsu@gmail.com
Business Registration No: 53024491L
Sessions are carried out in the comfort of your home. You will be fully clothed, so no embarassing nudity situations to endure. A comfortable massage table will be provided for your maximum therapeutic benefit.
How are sessions carried out?
Where have you seen us?
* 12 June 2007: Due to overwhelming response, i will not be ale to accomadate new clients till further notice. Thank you for your understanding