Homestead High School - Espa�a 2009
Espa�a 2009
General Information

Trip Dates
April 4th, 2009- April 18th, 2009

Trip Leaders
Sra. Kathy Solorzano
Sra. Margaret Holloway
Sr. Danny Solorzano
Sra. Hammen
Sr. Luis Hernandez

*MEETINGS at HHS are in Sra. Solorzano's room (room 310)*


Meeting Dates:

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Budgeting and Spending Money
- AT LEAST 60-100 EUROS for the first couple of days we're in Spain!
- $45-55 a day for food
- In the past, students have taken $300-$600 total plus mom or dad's credit card if necessary.
- If taking a check card, please make sure it is activated, that it has Cirrus, Pulse or Plus, that it is good for international use, and that your bank is aware that purchases will be made in Europe. Visa (particularly VisaBuxx works best but MasterCard will work. Don't use American Express or Discover! NO TRAVELER'S CHECKS!

Airport Security
- Make sure you have your passport with you at all times.
- You will pass through a metal detector, so please remove all metal objects.
- Cooperate fully with the security personnel. Do not make jokes or negative comments.
- Parents and family members will not be allowed to pass through security.
- Have your money belt with important documentation with you.
- Never separate from the group.


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