Homestead High School - Espańa 2009
Espańa 2009
Home Stay
Home Stay Information Courtesy of ISE.

Caceres and Badajoz, Here we come!

Tips For a Successful Family Stay
- Attitude is everything. If you are positive, your family stay will be as well.
- Be open to new experiences.
- Talk and smile a lot to show appreciation to your family.
- See how you family members greet one another in the morning and at night. Be sure to follow suit.
- Offer to help with chores around the house. Be an active member of the family.
- Keep your things neat and tidy while visiting.

Gift Ideas For Your Family
- Your scrapbook
- An HHS tie (Thank you, Olivia Bedran!) - Maps (WI, Milwaukee, Ozaukee County, etc)- Logo items-- canvas bags, pins, mugs, stationery-- with state logos, Bucky Badger from the University of Wisconsin, or sayings in English
- T-shirts: same as above, from Homestead activity you participate in, or where you work
- Baseball, basketball or football stuff (the Spaniards love basketball!)
- American patchwork items (small pillows, placemats, aprons)
- Picture book about WI, Milwaukee (there’s a good one for about $15 at local book stores: Wisconsin, a Photographic Tour)
- For children: T-shirts with English, dinosaur and reptile stamp books or coloring books with English explanations, comics in English, pencils or paper products with English sayings, children's tapes/CD’s and books, easy and colorful children’s books with English vocabulary, or the “latest thing” for kids
- Nice stationery, coasters, etc. American artwork, American scenes or things from the Milwaukee Art Museum
- CD’s & tapes: try to choose less well-known artists—some locals (Willie Porter). Make your own mixes. In your return letter you might try to find out what kind of music the people in the family like
- Native American items of any kind: arrowheads, baskets of woven pine needles, dream catchers, Kokopelli… Be sure that you plan an explanation of the item
- Refrigerator magnets with WI symbols, logo kitchen towels, wind chimes, sun catchers
- Ingredients to make muffins (or take mixes from the store or Williams-Sonoma), chocolate chip cookies, dye Easter eggs or make an Easter basket etc.
- Scarves: Women in Europe wear scarves and while they have an abundance of beautiful ones, it might be fun to take your mom a nice one from the States. They are very light and pack easily
- Decorative candles
- Think of things that YOU would like to receive. Also, if you are from another culture, share that with them
- Williams-Sonoma kitchen items for moms such as aprons, hot pads, placemats, and fun kitchen gadgets that are easy to pack
- Hand creams, soaps or lotions from Bath and Body Works, etc.

**Please note: Unlike audio tapes and CD’s, video tapes and DVD’s from the US are not compatible with the European systems. They are the same VHS tapes, but the encoding is different. Our system is NTSC, France is SECAM and Spain is PAL. This means, of course, that you cannot buy these goods in Europe and play them on our machines.**

**Sources: Winkie’s (Whitefish Bay); museum stores; The Wisconsin Store (Mayfair); The Museum Store (Mayfair)—some things are expensive but some are not; Wild Birds Unlimited (in The Pavillion) for wildlife sun catchers; Stein’s Garden; Williams-Sonoma; Frenz’s; Bayside Garden Center (for wind chimes and other gifts); bookstores (Harry W. Schwartz, Barnes and Noble, Borders…); Bath and Body Works.**


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