Homestead High School - Espaņa 2009
Espaņa 2009
Packing List

Visit these websites for any questions or concerns you might have about packing.

KLM's Checked Baggage Regulations

KLM's Carry-On Baggage Regulations (through Northwest, a KLM partner)

Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) Website

Keep on you at all times in money belt NOT purse. Do NOT pack!!
- Passport
- Names and addresses of hotels (itinerary sheet) that you will receive
- Your $25-30 of $5's and $1's
- Written record of purchases for when you go through Customs
- AT LEAST 60-100 EUROS for first days in Spain
-Your ATM or VisaBuxx Card

In carry-on (a carry-on size suitcase OR backpack):
Must fit under plane seat or compartment above
Maximum dimensions: 22" X 14" X 9"
Reminder: NO sharp metal objects such as nail files, nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, etc. are allowed on carry-ons. If you bring ANY liquids on the plane, they can be in bottles NO BIGGER than 3 ounces. All of the 3 ounce bottles must fit together in ONE quart-sized zip-loc bag. You must pick and choose which creams, lotions, and first aid items you wish to put in this bag. Any prescription medications can be carried on in original bottles as well as Dramamine, Tylenol, and/or Advil.

- photocopy of first two passport pages
- camera, film, flash, batteries, or disposable cameras
- decent sized pocket dictionary and calculator
- things to do on the plane, including your journal
- feminine hygene products as needed
- toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant (if you decide to put this in your zip-loc bag)
- change of underwear and shirt (in case of lost luggage)
- battery travel alarm
- some additional snacks to supplement airline food
- small thank-you note already addressed and stamped (weigh at post office before leaving for Spain). On the plane ride home, you'll write a thank-you note to your family.

To pack in your checked suitcase:
Linear dimensions must NOT exceed 62 inches!
Weight: weight of YOUR ONE SUITCASE MUST BE NO MORE THAN 50 LBS. International travelers can check a bag up to 50 pounds with no additional fees--anything overweight will be charged a hefty fee and we are not responsible for paying it!

- plastic bags for dirty clothes
- small plastic Ziploc bags in which to pack any liquids
- needle, thread, saftey pins
- laundry soap in a double plastic bag
- travel clothes line with mini clothespins
- addresses or pre-addressed labels for post cards, etc.
- 2 pairs comfortable shoes
- 1 pair of nicer shoes for discotheques, etc.
- medium weight jacket
- 1 sweatshirt and / or sweater
- inexpensive rain poncho
- umbrella
- swimsuit
- slippers, sandal, or thong sandals to wear inside
- 1 set sleep wear
- 3-5 sets quick drying underwear
- 3-4 changes of clothes**
- Toiletries
- Febreze for those who don't like smoke
- socks (include some dark ones), pantyhose
- extra towel and washcloth
- first aid kit* (see note below on what to include)
- gifts for family
- scrapbook with thank-you note from your parents to host family

**3-4 changes of clothes
- Pack a variety of different layers that you can use to mix and match
- at least one dressy outfit (girls: a skirt, dress, or nice pants; guys: shirt/tie, nice sweater/shirt combo)
Spaniards will remember your demeanor/personality MUCH more than your sense of fashion.

Additional Reminder: If you do plan to bring a hair dryer or ANYTHING electrical, Remember that you must also bring a converter. Voltage in Spain is 220 while here it is 110!

*First-aid kit
- essential medicines (include a list of generic names)
- prescriptions in original containers--this is especially important if you have liquid or gel prescriptions seeing as security WILL take these things if you have more than 3 ounces that are not in the original prescription container.
- tissues
- band-aids
- Advil or Tylenol, etc.
- Dramamine (and don't forget to take it!!)
- antibiotic cream
- cough drops
- decongestant spray for in-flight ear problems
- moist packaged towelettes
- antibiotic soap not requiring water
- antacid
- diarrhea medicine, etc.


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