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So um yeah this is me and my bands first web page so this might suck a little hope you donít mind.
Our names are Nathan "lil havok or Hunter" Justin "cornflake" Derek S "big d" Ken "insert nick name here" and malory "barbie"

Hometownzeros is the name of our band for those of you who were wondering.
Derek is our drummer/back up vocalist
Justin is the guitarist/back up vocalist
I Nathan am the lead singer/bass gutarist.
Ken is our bouncer/backup bassist
malory is our manager/2nd guitarist/backup vocalist
i totally hate my voice i don't know why but i do but it'll change.
we are an alright band. we kinda suck (really bad) we can play about 2 cover songs (my vagina and dammit)
i Nathan write all the lyrics Justin writes some of the the guitar parts, and Derek writes the drum parts. (oh yeah i write the bass parts to)
We are from Rocky Mountain House Alberta Canada
Justin, Derek, me, Ken, and malory (malorie also will write some guitar parts) all like to hang out party and drink (well i am not sure if Derek likes to drink but...)
justin is a really funney guy (sometimes)
Derek is pretty cool i guess.
i don't really know what to say about myself i hate life the only thing i really enjoy is playing with my band. (and listning to AFI,Nofx,badreligion or any other punk band)
Ken also likes to listen to AFI and NOFX and badreligion (those are my 3 favorite bands ever) he is a pretty
malorie (also likes afi and lots of other punk bands)is a really nice person (confusing at times...most times) and is realy easy to get along with.

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