Hotwax Odelay!

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It takes a backwash man to sing a backwash song
Like a frying pan when the fire's gone
Driving my pig while the band's taking pictures in the grass
And my radio smashed

And I like pianos in the evening sun
Dragging my heels 'til my day is done
Saturday night in the captain's clothes
Tender horns blowin' in my jury 'fros

Yo soy un disco quebrado
Yo tengo chicle en el cerebro

I can't believe my way back when
My Cadillac pants going much too fast
Karaoke weekend at the suicide shack
Community service and I'm still the mack

Shocked my finger, spots on my hand
I been spreading disease all across the land
Beautiful air-conditioned,
sitting in the kitchen
Wishing I was living like a hit man

Face down in the guarantees
Jaundiced honchos gettin' busy with me
Because I get down I get down
I get down all the way

Yo soy un disco quebrado
Yo tengo chicle en el cerebro

Sawdust songs of the plaid bartenders
Western Unions of the country westerns
Silver foxes looking for romance
In the chain smoke Kansas flashdance ass pants

And you got the hotwax residues
You never lose in your razor blade shoes
Stealing pesos out of my brain
Hazard signs down the Alamo lanes

Radar systems piercing the souls
You never get caught with the wax so rotten
All my days I got the grizzly words
Hijacked flavors that I'm flipping like birds

Yo soy un disco quebrado
Yo tengo chicle en el cerebro.

[girl:] Who are you?
[man:] I'm the enchanting wizard of rhythm.
[girl:] Why did you come here?
[man:] I came here to tell you about the rhythms of the universe....

Analysis: It takes someone with a certain quality to sing about that quality. He does not take part in what he is supposed to and does not keep in contact with what is happening, since his radio is smashed. He dresses up on Saturday nights and has a good time. He is always thinking about the same thing, because his brain is stuck with bubblegum. He gets caught going too fast and has to do community service but he is still a mack, or a pander; one who resides to base passions or tendencies. He sleeps around and spreads disease. Because he wants "guarantees" he goes to pimps and sleeps with hookers. Whistling men are looking for women as well. Some of the women have "residues" of good looks, they wear strange shoes and "hazardous" clothing. He admits he uses the meanest words in his blurted-out comments about the hookers; inspired by things hes heard.

originally analyzed in July 1999 - posted March 15th, 2000


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