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Nicotine & Gravy

I'll be your chauffeur on a midnight drive
It takes a miracle just to survive
Buried animals call your name
You keep on sleeping
Through the poignant rain

I think we're going crazy
Her left eye is lazy
She looks so Israeli
Nicotine and gravy

I'll feed you fruit that don't exist
I'll leave graffiti
Where you've never been kissed
I'll do your laundry
Massage your soul
I'll turn you over
To the highway patrol

I think we're going crazy
Things don't even faze me
Her left eye is lazy
Nicotine and gravy
Miracles amaze me
She looks so Israeli
Love the way she plays me
I think I'm going crazy

I don't want to die tonight
I don't want to die tonight…..

Analysis: This song is quite difficult to analize overall. So instead, it is easier to find parallel stories in Beck's and other people's lives.

Here's what I've got from the Hollywood Freaks Beck-related mailing list (and I asked permission, etc...):

the song NICOTINE AND GRAVY reminds me of mornings in the first place i had after moving out of my parents place. yes the title reminds me of just breakfast in our modest little trailer. we'd have canned biscuits and instant gravy at least 3 or 4 times a week followed up by at least 2 cigarettes in a row. ah the good ole days!!

and other stuff like the lyrics that say i'll do your laundry. i'd always do my girlfrinds laundry like EVERY F**KING tuesday!!

and i'll turn you over to the high way patrol. while i was living there was the first time i got arrested.

other lyrics like she looks so israli my girl friend would always look foreign when she would first wake up in the morning.

even her left eye is lazy. she's blind in one eye the left one!! most importantly the lyrics miracles amaze me ME TOO!!

ALSO THE LYRICS things don't even faze me- with all the pot we were smoking beer we were drinking and cigarettes we were smoking things really didn't faze me.

quazy huh!!

coincidently enough it was also the year i really got into beck when i bought ODELAY. hope you guys have had the pleasure of having strange lyrical coincidences such as mine and if you have I for one would love to hear them. if nothing else just to get this group sayin somethin



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