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I've had my Sony PlayStation for over 2 years now and have been fascinated with the addition of these wonderful new adventure strategy games that have come out. I first tackled "Myst" which was amazing. I recently finished "Riven" the Myst sequel, and have been exploring (by mag-car) all the wonderful strange antique islands (incredibly fascinating). I have dabbled in the "Final Fantasy" R-P-G series and have worked up to "Final Fantasy VII" and may soon start "Parasite Eve", which looks really intense. I am currently struggling through the maze of levels with that cunning, ever-delightful Lara Croft exploring the caverns, lost cities, tropical forests and lagoons of "Tomb Raider 3".

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Tomb Raider 3

Lara Croft is on another adventure again. This time she is trying to unravel the mysteries of 4 fragments of an ancient meteorite. There are new worlds to explore like India, the Nevada desert, London, the South Pacific Islands, and Antarctica. This game builds on all the moves of the first 2 games and adds realistic environmental effects like fog, rainfall, bubbles and gunfire smoke. As if we didn't have enough touble getting through her previous adventure? 9.5/10 TR3


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