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fireside ~ Comfort and warmth... pure & simple

The Wonder of Christmas .. I realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but there is something instinctively wonderful about what the concept of Christmas is all about. People seem to be more receptive, more pleasant, more reasonable.. and in a very real sense.. "better"... It is as if we all turn a blind eye to everything that is wrong with the world, and for one brief moment... we feel a sense of peace and happiness. These are the inherint wonderful qualities, in all of us, that make us what we are. It makes us "human" once again.. Happy Holidays...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

John Zuuring ~ My wonderful father... pure & simple

Family .. I never knew how deeply I loved my father, until he passed away just recently. He was a man of great warmth, dignity, humility and loyalty. I remember all the wonderful times I shared with my Dad, as if they were yesterday. He was always a "class act" and our entire family will miss him dearly. I've never been more proud to be a part of this wonderful family, as I am now. Thank-you one and all for being there. I have never cried so much in my life *sigh*.

You will ALWAYS be in our hearts Dad. We miss you very much...

Gex ~ Leaping lizards... pure & simple

Video Games .. The latest phenomenon in video games over the last 2-3 years has definitely been Sony PlayStation, with an honorable mention to Nintendo N64. When you venture into the worlds of some of these "new generation" platform 3-D games, you will understand what I mean. They are hauntingly realistic, incredibly creative and stunning in their strategy and complexity. Just imagine living in the shoes of Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) for a week or two, or flying around uncharted worlds like Spyro the dragon. Now that the weather is colder, I look forward to many hours of virtual adventure.

"Lock n' Load" little lizard..

Mark McGwire ~ Mister Baseball... pure & simple

Mark McGwire .. Every once in awhile, a superstar athlete, a hero and icon for professional sports, comes along and rewrites all the record books as if it were destined. Hockey saw the "Great One" Wayne Gretzky, NBA Basketball still revels in awe at "Air" Michael Jordan, and now there is a new hero in town. Baseball has been plagued with misfortune over the last few years, but now, there is a new star. Babe Ruth and Roger Maris were legends in their time and their record had stood for over 30 years. Pitchers cringe at the prospect of having to face McGwire. 70 homers is quite a feat. You will be talked about in baseball diamonds for many years to come. A living legend for little leaguers, to hang their dreams of hope, fame and glory.

We will never forget your record home-run #62...

Spice Girls in TO ~ Spice Power... pure & simple

Spice Girls .. OK..... You either love'em or hate'em, but they are undeniably the musical marvel of the last 2 years. These girls have done more for music than any other singing group since the Temptations. I must admit that I find them fascinating by their sheer celebrity. They have caused traffic havoc, near riots, broken hearts, and turned every city upside down, wherever they've performed around the world. Not even the US President, the Prime Minister or Pope (well maybe the Pope) could command such crowds. Go figure.... girl power....?

It wouldn't hurt to add some Spice to your life...

4th of July AP ~ Symphony of fire... pure & simple

Fireworks .. There is nothing more beautiful, more awe-inspiring and more intense than a wonderful pyrotechnical show of fireworks. The sky explodes in a never-ending sunburst of colors, the dazzling flicker of sparkles, streaming shooting star tails, and the thunder claps of a cannon. I can watch for hours as one rocket after another christens the nite sky in a blaze of glory. You can't help but wonder how in the world they can make them so brilliant and beautiful...

You are never too old to enjoy fireworks...

Bubble Boy CP ~ Summertime fun... pure & simple

Blowing Bubbles .. Who needs expensive toys ? I remember as a child the simpler things that were so much fun, like blowing bubbles. I could spend literally hours trying to make the biggest, soapiest bubbles I could muster. I think there's alot to be said for being creative and letting a child's imagination run absolutely totally wild... There's the thrill of discovery and the challenge of mastering science. I've always believed that the wonders of the world are best experienced, by just being a part of them. It keeps the child in you alive and ready to take on any challenge that the world may throw at you.

I love the idea of being known and labelled as a big kid...

Space shuttle AP ~ The final frontier... pure & simple

Space Travel .. Who would ever have thought that just 20 years ago, society was so fascinated with the idea of man actually, myabe, walking on the moon one day. That rock in the night sky that we placed so many dreams on and swore we thought we saw a man's face looking back at us. We created the bold new technology and had the ambition and drive to put someone there. The fact is, we now shuttle to space as if it were just a taxi. It's the magic mix of science and engineering together with an unrelenting passion of a country molded by the creativity of a handful of people. I'm still awe-struck by the fact that as mere humans, we can actually do this.

The wonders of science never cease to amaze me...

Tornado AP ~ Tornados are terrifying... pure & simple

Time, Love and Tenderness... The horror of living through a tornado must be almost unbearable. This young boy lost everything and was lucky enough to escape, alive, with both his parents. Now its time to pick up the pieces and to start all over again. Life is hard and seems so cruel when things like this happen. Where do you begin? How do you cope? Where will you find shelter? Can you ever find peace again? It takes time to heal the wounds and to forget those deafenings sound and shrills of the killer winds.. It takes love to start their lives all over again and to make the world feel like a better place after being pushed to absolute limit of survival. It takes tenderness to understand that this is very very difficult to endure and as innocent victims, they will never be the same again. Our hearts and tears are with you....

Think of your family and be thankful...

401 Traffic CP ~ More cars means more traffic... pure & simple

Cars... Have you ever noticed that almost everyone owns a car. I do. Have you ever been with someone who is shopping for a new car. There is a fascination with cars that goes beyond reason. It's now a fashion statement, an ego boost and an image thing. Whether we choose to believe it or not, driving is still a luxury and a convenience rather than a requirement. Society has made it a necessity to drive us beyond our reach. We create traffic by the need to do many things far away. It's created the new phenomenon called road rage which is really an inability to cope with the congestion of traffic. If only people would realize that we are our own worst enemies, choosing to work, live and socialize beyond our natural perimeter (how far we can walk). It's no wonder that many people like living in small towns.

Traffic is just too many cars going the same way at the same time...

Wiarton Willie CP ~ We believe you Phil... pure & simple

Phil Who?... Ah yes, Groundhog Day has come and gone once again... After all is said and done, we still rely on the folklore of our famous little unassuming groundhogs to predict the weather for us. It isn't enough to talk about El Ninõ or the fact that weather is causing all sorts of havoc around the world. We patiently wait to see if this little guy sees his shadow and whether we have another six weeks of winter or not. So much for the Farmer's Almanac or any other long-range weather forecast for Spring. We in Canada have our own little celebrity Wiarton Willie. It's believed he's Phil's cousin? I like the fact that we can still find comfort in the simple things around us, no matter how trivial.

Who are we to argue with Mother Nature ?

Ice storm CP ~ Weather is just unpredictable... pure & simple.

Weather... Everyone has heard about the effects of El Ninõ. The seemingly unusual weather is causing havoc around the world and it's front-page news every day. It started with the arrival of hurricanes off the Baja Coast, iratic tornado activity, strange winter ice storms, a wandering jet stream, and extreme flooding in normally arid, desert regions of Africa and India. The experts are dumb-founded and grasping at ideas trying to explain why it's happening. The climatologists are clinging to theories of industrial global warming yet have no real evidence that humans are to blame at all. For the most part, we are at a lose to predict any outcome, believing it's something very different and ominous. Meteorologists are no further ahead or more prepared, even with the most advanced remote-sensing technology. Why make things so complicated ? It's just weather and we have no control over it anyway!

The most accurate weather forecast, is looking outside...


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