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Jack Nicklaus ~ A living golf legend, pure & simple

Jack Nicklaus... He is affectionately known as the greatest golfer that has ever lived. Even in the present-day world of "new breed" golfers like Tiger Woods and Ernie Els, there is still a mysterious aura around the man that has made the game what it is today. He is the Golden Bear, the one and only master and consumate gentleman. This year he played his final US Open, and for one brief moment, all the golfers in the world united and watched, with a tear in their eye, as he walked up the 18th fairway at Pebble Beach (his favorite course) and a chapter of sports history was being written. His presence will be sorrily missed but his legend will live on.

Easter ~ Eggstrodinary time of the year, pure & simple

Easter... A tradition for many families as precious as Christmas. A religious holiday filled with family and friends and children. A time for magic, for painting eggs, for chasing bunnies, for frilly new Spring bonnets and scavanger hunts. It's as much a celebration of the family as the marking of sacred Christian beliefs. Like Christmas, there are only a handful of times during the year, when we can enjoy the comfort of our family and the joy of simpler things, and pause for just a day from the busy world out there, to remember what life is all about.


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