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This is my journal of the many trails I have biked, walked and cursed at. My travel has included many green belts, recreation areas, state parks, national parks, conservation areas and forest reserves. Many stones have been turned by my rear wheel.

I've broken down all the trail sections by province or state. I have listed all the trails I have completed. The buttons on the left, will lead you to lots of trail photos I've taken with my trusty digital camera. ENJOY!

North Carolina
  • Dupont State Forest & Reserve (63 trails available)
    Big Rock Trail, Bridal Veil Road, Cedar Rock Trail, Hickory Mountain Road, Burnt Mountain,
    Little River Trail, Pine Tree Trail, Shoal Creek, Farmhouse Trail, Corn Mill Shoals Road,
    Buck Forest Road, White Pine Trail, Hooker Creek Road, Flatwoods Trail, Poplar Hill Loop
  • Pisgah National Forest, Bent Creek Research Station (40 trails available)
    Expresso, Ledford Branch Road, Upper Sidehill Branch, Boyd Branch Road, Explorer,
    North Boundary Road, Ingles Field Gap Connector, One-Dog Run, Wolf Creek, Fern Glen,
    Power Line Trail, Bent Creek Road, Little Hickory Top, Pine Tree Loop
  • Pisgah National Forest, Campground Areas (30 trails available)
    Slate Rock / Pilot Cove Loop Trail, Pilot Cove Trail
  • Signal Hill Park & Recreation Area (2 trails available)
    Beaver Dam Trail, Signal Hill River Loop

  • Southern Ontario
  • Hardwood Hills Recreation Centre (65 trails available)
    Beech Tree, Road Runner, Suzie Saunter, Simcoe Trail, Sharon's Trail, The Hollow,
    The Posts, Pine Trail, Yee-Haw, Swamp Run, Home Run, Little Dipper, George's Hill,
    Coffee Run, Beaver Pond Loop, Chrissy's Crunch, Sapling Trail, Nice 'N Easy,
    Pit Run, Troy's Trail, The Hupp, Old Logging Road
  • Hilton Falls Conservation Area (4 mapped trails +2 unmapped)
    Bruce Trail Hilton Spur, White Pine Trail, 16 Mile Creek Single Track, Red Oak Trail,
    Beaver Dam Loop Trail, Beaver Dam Single Track
  • Greater Toronto Area (10 mapped + many unmapped)
    Humber River Valley Trail, Don River Valley Trail, Martin Goodman Trail, Waterfront Trail,
    Etobicoke Creek Trail, Glen Erin Trail, Sawmill Valley Trail, Scarborough Bluffs Trail

  • South Carolina
  • Harbison State Forest (5 trails available)
    Firebreak Trail East & West Loop, Connector Trail, Stewardship Trail, Discovery Trail
    Midland Mountain Trail
  • Sumter National Forest, Horn Creek (2 trails available)
    Firetower Road, Horn Creek Loop

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