~ll falling petals ll~ ver. 2.0

a sad light shone, turning into wings that cuts the white darkness

I take back my curses. Got my calendar... and it's full moon!!! haha...
anyway, this is like kinda WAY outta date info, so yeah.
poor _krad_ is gone... better update my links.

petals fell at 20:53, 10/1
melody: eternal snow~Changin' my life/Full Moon wo sagashite 3rd ending

Full Moon rulez... i seem to be tokin bout nothing else. hu cares.
Updating is becoming a chore...
Got a spiral poster - it's really kawaii. haha.
Nothing to complain about.

petals fell at 19:10, 6/11
melody: Love Chronicle~Changin' my life/Full Moon wo sagashite 4th ending

The worst things a teen can have are parents.
As i found out today. Especially the female part of it.
My calendar is gone. Bloody shit.
And it isnt her damned fault.
Fuck that bitch.

petals fell at 16:47, 12/10
melody: Some song by chemistry...

There's a test tomorrow. I am so dead. x_x Owellz.

petals fell at 20:31, 3/10
melody: brave heart~digimon

Still can't find out what's wrong with the layout...never mind.
i am SO sick. used up so many packs of tissue alreadiz!
almost the whole class is sick. must be all the stress and mugging..
only thing i'm not really mugging. sheesh. hafta start soon or else i'm x_x. haha.
since there's something wrong with this layout, i shall start on the next one.
*everyone:jaw-dropped* ok fine, i noe it's rather quick. but i cant help it!!!

petals fell at 15:58, 25/9
melody: forgiveness~hamasaki ayumi

Finally! ~ll falling petals ver. 2.0 ll~ is done!
There's something wrong with this layout...
my entries can't be seen... and if they can, the alignment is wrong.
oh wellz. it looks artistic this way. ^-^

petals fell at 20:47, 22/9
melody: colors~utada hikaru

create time with your heart, fly through the eternal white night