Konnichi wa! Well I have not updated this site really since January two years ago but I recently started a new site and you can check it out.  So far on the update I have added more pictures, fixed the snes game links, made new icons, ate some cookies, drank some lemonade--Shut up! It is important!, and got a messageboard!  If your here for the first time sign the guestbook!   You probably found this site through the new one but even so!    Check it out!
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Please sign my guestbook because I am not too sure if the email link works! And also I'd like your feedback^_^!
Please Sign it Cameron! Inside joke to others!
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to visit the least visited Ranma 1/2 site on the net! Congrats!
Miscellaneous files for fun!
Email me! Arigatoo!
Go here to download SNES games and play them on your computer!
Go here to look at pictures from Ranma 1/2!
Go here for desktop enhancements for your computer!
Go here to listen to midi files from Ranma 1/2 and the themesong which is quite the funny tune!
..::September 15, 2001::..
Visit the messageboard to catch up with Ranma news!
Go here to learn more about your favorite characters!
Welcome all you newbies to Ranma 1/2
..::New Update!  October 8, 2001::..
Konnichi wa! I fixed the links and redid the layout for some of the pages, I will have the character bios up as soon as I can.
Update the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!