In Music
In Books
~I think censoring books is completely uneccessary because if you take excerpts from the book then you can not fully understand the plot.  For example, The Catch in the Rye, it has been under constant controversy over wether or not to censor it.  I think that is bullshit not because it's censoring but just because I have read the book and it is a great book!~
Child Labor
~I know this will sound stupid but it could work.  Just stop trade with China! Child   labor is a terrible thing and I do not have anything to do with somethig that is unless it is an exception. ~
Insane Clown Posse
~Oh no he listens to Insane Clown Posse he is evil and a freak.  Not true, I like a lot of different music but it so happens I am very partial to the beats from Insane Clown Posse's songs.  There aren't too repeatative. I do not agree with some of the images that ICP displays in their lyrics though.~
~To an extent, in music, censorship is neccessary to protect young ears(11 and under) because if they didn't censor fuck, shit, or bitch, we'd have our little siblings asking what fuck is, which is a pretty uncomfortable situation.  But I get pissed off when the radio decides they should censor things like kill, ho, high(as in weed), bleed or cut.
  That just does not make any sense and everyone can tell what their saying so why even bother to censor things like that.~