The Hommey Family
We would like to sincerely thank Faye Zeigler, Dorothy Hails, Pierre and Jacqueline Vay, and John Ashton for helping us find our ancestors. Without their help, we would not have been able to find the first six generations of our family:
We found out the family name changed its spelling several times. In the French language, the "H" is silent and the ending letters "e", "er", & "et" are pronounced "a". Because of this pronounciation, immegration records showed the name being spelled differently depending on who was doing the recording.The family name started out as Homme, then Hommer, Hommet and finally Hommey
A journey from France to Nova Scotia and then finally to the United States
Francois Homme born on Jan 30,1781 at St Christophe.  Married Renee-Magdeleine Rabineau. Francois was a weaver making heavy canvas or linens using a hand loom. They had 9 children.
Michel Homme was born on September 28, 1809 in St Christophe,France. He married Francoise Furet who was born in 1811. In his younger years he was a weaver like his father and then became a coal miner.They had 8 children:
Francois Michel born in 1834, Joseph born in 1835 was a shoemaker at L'Huisserie (department of Mayenne), Hippolyte born in 1837,     Louise Francoise born in 1839, Julie born in 1841, Constant born in 1844,  Henriette born in 1849, and Leonne born in 1852.

Michel and Francoise emigrated with about 26 members of their family from France on May 27, 1874 via Liverpool, England on June 2, 1874 on an Allen Steamship to Nova Scotia. The reason for the trip was Nova Scotia needed 300 coal miners and the government paid for a part of the cost of their journey from France. In addition, once they arrived in Nova Scotia, the government also paid for food and housing until they started work in the coal mines. The wages were 12 to 15 francs per day. Michel's children Joseph, Julie and Louise stayed in France because they or their spouses were not coal miners. In 1876 sons Hippolyte and Constant returned to France partly because their spouses were from the Lavaveix area of France and wanted to go home.

Michel passed away in Raymondville, Nova Scotia sometime between 1875 and 1880.
Francois Michel Homme born in 1834 married Jeanne Marie Thomas. They had 6 children and moved from Nova Scotia to Pennsylvania around 1880 because the coal miners weren't working full time and also because of the poor housing conditions they lived in.
Their 6 children were:
     Francois Michel Homme Jr, born July 20, 1858 in Juigne, France
     Joseph born in 1861 in France
     Marie (Mary Ann) born September 23, 1863 in L'Huisserie, France
     Clemence born in 1865
     Eugene Joseph born June 1, 1866 in L'Huisserie, France
     Leon Valentin born February 14, 1870 in St. Martial, France
Francois Michel Homme Jr, became Frank Hommey. He was born July 20, 1858 in Juigne, France. He was a coal miner and a watchman. Mary Campbell was born on March 25, 1861 in Nova Scotia. They married on September 8, 1881 in Alpsville, PA and had 11 children.
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Frank & Mary Hommey September 1881
The Generations
Jacques (Jean) Homme married Perrine Chaumont
Jacques Homme married Marguerite DuBois on April 20, 1751 in Brulon, France.
Pierre Homme was born on October 11, 1752 in Brulon, France. He was a farmer and lived in Saint Christophe-en-Champagne, France. He married Jeanne Marie Nouet on June 10, 1777 at St Christophe en Champagne. They had 14 children.