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Some German guy with a kick ass selection of Japanese Wrestling Themes including "Hayabusa", "Akira Taue", and "Big Van Vader"...As well as WWF and WCW themes like "Demolition" and "Jake the Snake Roberts"

A pretty good selection of RARE WWF and WCW Themes including "Doink the Clown's Heel Theme"

TeeToe's Real Name List
My own making...Real Names and Last Known Alias' of those such as "Test", "Rikishi", and "Tazz"

TeeToe's Alias List
My own making...Who is Devon Storm wrestling as now? Who did the Ultimate Warrior used to be?

TeeToe's Masked Wrestler ID's
My own making...Which Doink was the first? How many Leatherfaces were there? Find out here

TeeToe's Tag Team Alias List
My own making...Who was in the nWo? Who was in the Nation of Domination? Was Jim Neidhart part of DX? Find out here

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