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Diseases and Homoeopathy medicines

Abscesses and Boils Acidity Acne (Pimples)
Adenoids Addictions Allergy
Anemia Angina Pectoris Appendicitis
Asthma Bleeding Gums Bleeding Piles
Caries of teeth Cold, Catarrh, Coryza Constipation
Dandruff Deafness Diabetes Mellitus
Dysentery Ear Ache Eczema
Gangrene Gout Hair falling
Hydrocephalus Hypothyroidism Impotency
Indigestion Injury Itching
Kidney Stone Leucoderma Low B.P.
Malaria Mammary glands Mouth Ulcers
Mumps Nails affection of Nose Bleeding
Obesity Pain Paralysis
Polypus (Ear, Nose) Polypus (Uterus) Prickly Heat
Psoriasis Pyorrhea Rheumatism
Scabies Scars Sciatica
Sleeplessness Stye Sun Burn
Sun Stroke Tonsillitis Warts
Worms Whooping Cough Chronic Diseases