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                                                           About Us
   We are a Pro-heterosexual Association Founded: 01-03-2002. We are Pro-God, Pro-Family, Pro-America, And Pro-God.
We are not a hate group ! We are a Pro-Heterosexual Association !
   We want to lobby for pro-heterosexual issues. However we need member support to do this. We also plan to keep an open comunication and information web page where we can keep you informed and up to date.
The following is our opinion
   The homosexual's have a lot of organizations that claim to be for gay rights. However these so called gay rights are more for gay power. These gay organizations do not allow for freedom of choice. Such as the freedom to choose not to be gay or the freedom to not endorse the gay way of life. The gays have web pages for many things like who to vote for, who to go to work for, what company's are gay-friendly, what politicians are gay friendly, and even some illegal list such as who is gay and who is not gay. Such lists allow the gays to descriminate against heterosexuals buy: not hiring them, getting them fired, not voting for them, and causing them harm in such ways as in a court room or some other way.
   We plan to even the odds legaly buy creating a association in order to allow for an exchange of information for the heterosexual and buy lobbying for heterosexual issues.
                                                                                                    Our Church Watch
   We list church's we belive to be gay or gay friendly. While it may not be wrong for a homosexual to attend a church. It is wrong for a man to marry a man or for a woman to marry a woman,
Romans ch.1 . And it is wrong for a homosexual to be a pastor, Timothy ch3 . We view a gay church as a church that allowes gay priest. And a gay friendly church as a church that allowes, endorses, or performes gay marriages. There are to many to list for now. However you can do a search on the net or call the church and ask.
Here are a few
Heterosexual or Heterosexual friendly churches
1) Baptist
2) Southern Babtist
3) Methodist, some not all
4) Lutheran
5) Church of God
6) Jehovah's Witness
7) Seventh Day Adventist
8) Buddhist
9) Mennonite
10) Pentecostal

There are more and more will follow
         Gay or gay friendly churches
1) Cathederal of hope, Dallas Texas
2) White Rock community church, Dallas Texas
3) Love Baptist, California and other states
4) Metropolitan Church, Dallas Texas
5) Desiples of Christ
6) Methodist, some not all

There are more and more will follow
                                                                     Our Organization Watch
                                           Here are a few gay and gay friendly organizations to keep an eye on.
11) Texas Fathers of Equal Rights
12) Gay Police Association
13) Gay Fireman's Association
14) Gay Teacher's Coalition
15) National Coalition for sexual freedon (alobbying advocacy)
16) Gay Rights Society
17) Gay community
18) Gay sheriff's Association
19) Gay and Lesbian Coalition
1) Log Cabin Republicans
2) Stonewall Democrats
3) GLADD = Gay and Lesbeian Alliance against defamation
4) Human Rights Campaine
5) Glsen = For the promotion of gays in school
6) LPGC = Lesbian and Gay Political Coalition
7) Queer Nation of Dallas Texas
8) Sexual Freedom Coalition
9)Nambla = North American Man Boy Love Association
10)ILGA = International lesbian and gay association
  The gay organizations have allot on there agenda such as the lowering of the sex age to 12 instead of 18 and making ancest legal so that theye can make there own children gay. This violates there freedom of choice. The Federal Law says 18 is the legal age of sex and this over rides any state law !!!
   In 2001 the gays got listed as minorities. And yet they sat that there are more gays then non-gays and that the majority are bi-sexual and married. Go figure.
   The gays push for things in school such as no prayer yet there are so called gay church''s. Gays are pushing so that if a non-gay has an opinion that a gay is called fag that this is discriminatory. Yet it is the same gays that use the word Homophobic. According to the gays the word Homophobic means to not be gay. The gays call all non-gay people Homophobic.
   The gays are pushing for gay marriage. While it is there own business weather they live together and be joined. It is a Religious thing to call it marriage. So why don't the gays while spending all these millions of dollars lobbying. Lobby to call it joined or something ?
   The gays want to create acceptance and take over threw deception. That's Why !!!
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