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Entry for April 5, 2007
Hello Folks

Welcome to World of Asian Belly lover! I created this blog for who like same part of female body especially in mid-section ; belly, stomach muscles, navel, lower abdomen and intestine! too.

Please let me know your feel and share with me... when visit here!

2007-04-05 17:23:24 GMT
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I love the way you think!
2007-04-05 17:34:40 GMT
I think your blog, here, is a wonderful idea! We're seeing more and more blogs and bulletin boards opening up with the beautiful subject of the female belly, and belly punching, opening all the time! I will make sure to visit, and I have placed a link to your blog at my new bulletin board devoted to bellypunching, also! Here is the link to my board:

I'll visit here regularly, though, and I look forward to posting photos of my own here, as well.
--Jack Lindstrom
2007-04-07 14:01:50 GMT
Angel, i love what you have done here. hope to see grow:)
2007-04-09 23:38:11 GMT
2007-04-29 19:58:52 GMT

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