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Hi all Friends

    THanks for Jeri in Bellylord forum that i always check , that put my link to his bookmark

   Today i have some real story with female belly for you.

   As you see picture, you will notice middle line on her sexy belly ... Yes i use this line to do some torture with her stomach i ask her for punching along middle line and press nail deeper in this line on belly until reach navel below and then play my finger around sexy navel both deep and hard ...

    Wow! Imagine that you find same people who like to being punch ... with super sexy belly ... Have a nice day

.... What do you want to do with line middle line on her belly ... IF YOU WERE ME

2007-05-19 06:50:55 GMT
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I'd have her lay down on her back then I'd place my fingertips on the line on her stomach, at the top, and push into her stomach with all my might. I'd keep doing this all the way down her soft abdomen then right back up again. I'd go deeper and deeper until she cried in pain and begged me to stop.
2007-05-23 22:23:57 GMT

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