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Hi all

         Welcome again thanks for all guy coming , I see this Girl show her sexy and strong stomach muscle in Dove contest wow! how many and which tools should deep and harm her sexy soft belly
       I will arrange some Hardest Practice punching for her mid-section and you?

2007-06-10 01:12:59 GMT
Comments (4 total)
Just when I thought the American Dove girls couldn't get any hotter. XD
2007-06-10 11:05:45 GMT
One good, hard punch, right on her navel when she is not suspecting it should double her up and hurt severely!
2007-06-10 12:06:03 GMT
I would love a Session with her;)
2007-10-15 10:04:56 GMT
would love to jab her in the gut over and over again, while she's stretched out, exposing her hot belly, then work on the lower tummy til she's doubled over, then i'd ram my knee in her swollen tummy over and over til she can't take anymore!
2007-10-29 17:09:20 GMT

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